Make your own Cloth Wipes Solution

Hi there!  This is a post about using cloth wipes and making your own wipes solution to go with them if you are cloth diapering.  To know and learn everything awesome there is know know about cloth diapering, go here.  You might become mildly obsessed and excited about it, just sayin’…So there you are, you got a baby, you’re cloth diapering, you’re thinking, this is so fun and easy, how could diapering get any easier, right? Then you decided to read this blog post, and your mind got blown!

Ok, so I love using cloth wipes, but I think my husband loves it even more.  My husband has a tender and gentle heart, much more than me, and when we first started using cloth wipes he was so happy that The Tiny’s bum was getting such soft and gentle treatment.  Plus, at about week 2, Tiny got some nasty diaper rash that looked so sore, and the cloth wipes with the natural wipes solution were so comforting to him.

You know how I feel about my Bum Genius’, love ’em.  So we also ordered their cloth wipes–but their wipes?  Mediocre at best.  When we decided we needed one more set of wipes, we shopped around on Amazon, and found some that are beyond fantastic (BF for short.)  They are called Baby Kicks, and they’re like a warm wooly lamb for your baby’s bum.

We wipe, (usually just one soft wipe does the trick, even for a major blowout ;), roll it up with the diapers before putting it in the pail, then wash these guys with the diaper cycle.  When the washer is done, we don’t dry them, we just fold them up and stick ’em back in our Tupperware (we used to use a wipe warmer, but got over it) before splashing some wipes solution on top of them.

Cloth Wipes Solution

Mmmmmmm, homemade wipes solutions.  Such a little joy in our life. (Who would have thought, right?  “You guys need to get out more.”  Hmm, maybe)  It goes along with our little plan of being frugal and natural, it is free of chemicals for teeny buns and smells great.  Plus, it’s super simple and one batch lasts a couple weeks or more.  (Then, when you use regular wipes, you’ll feel a lil’ grossed out like poop is seeping through onto your fingers)…  anyway: