An Endless Supply of Clean Diapers

Oh my gosh, stop!  Don’t roll your eyes, at least read!

Yes, I care about saving money, and I like our earth, but if cloth diapering were any much harder than disposables, I most likely would not be doing it.  Seriously.

Trust me, and just let me explain…. Truthfully, at this point, I love it so much, I might just be obsessed with cloth diapering!  (Where to even begin…)

When you hear the term cloth diapers, it may conger up images of some baby in the fifties, walking around with a soiled diaper drooping on one side down to his knee.  You might, with that image in your head, think, “that looks like a disgusting hassle.”  Oh yeah, that’s what I thought too, same image, same thought.

Until I found my brand of choice and tried one day, one diaper:  BUM GENIUS!  (oh, and p.s. ONLY Bum Genius 4.0, I will explain why later, but omg, yes!) Click here to read about Make your own Cloth Wipes Solution.

Let’s start at the beginning.  There I was, pregnant, thinking about the 1,000 baby stuff that you have to make a decision on as my belly grew ever rounder.  Each day would be a new thought, such as, “We should get a glider,” “Hmmm, I’m not sure I want to give birth,” and “Let’s extract every piece of dust in this house, while scrubbing the baseboards and under the dryer!” (Crazy nesting.  At least those things got done once in my life, I suppose)

I had heard about cloth diapers but was uneducated and uncommitted to researching.  Then one day, I was purchasing re-usable snack bags for an adoption fundraiser for Reece’s Rainbow when I saw a link: “New Bum Genius 4.0 diapers set to come out in 2 months, they are awesome, preorder now!”

Ok, so I have never preordered anything in my LIFE!  But, I decided I would order ONE.  That way we could look at it and make a decision if we want to invest in this whole thing later, like much later.  Or, maybe probably not.

For my baby shower, I was given a handful of packs of diapers.  We also, on the way out of the hospital grabbed all those tiny pampers under the bassinets on wheels. We were exclusively disposable diapering only for the first two weeks.

So one night while The Tiny was in his third week of life, we went to a friend’s house for a little party.  Everyone was oo-ing and ahh-ing over The Tiny, who mostly wide eyed stared back, or just slept as he was passed around.

“Uh Oh!” said friend #1, cradling him close  “I think he just pee peed on me!” As she stared at the wet spot on her shirt.  “Aww, that’s ok, it’s barely anything!”

“Oh my gosh!”  I said, as I sprang up.  “I am SO sorry!  I can’t believe that happened, oh jeez, that is so gross, I’m so sorry!”  I said as I put him on his shiny new diaper bag mat and changed all his clothes and diaper.  The moment was forgotten as he nestled into the next friend’s arms, and friend #1 dabbed at her shirt.

“Oh my gosh!” this is now friend #2.  “I think he just peed on me, too!  Hahaha!  He is a pee-er,” I hear about 10 minutes later!  It’s in these moments as a new mom that you are uber organized, so you for sure have 2 outfits in the bag, but still… “Are you kidding?” I said.  “No WAY!  Oh gosh, my little guy is just marking his territory I guess, just take it as a sign he likes you” I joked, hoping it would smooth over the fact that my child has now coated 2 people in his pee.

When friend #3 picked him up, I jokingly noted how there could not possibly be more pee in that little body, so you must be safe.  But oh, you must already know the punchline of this story.  Why would I even mention a friend #3, if this friend too did not in fact get pee on their nice shirt.

It was at this moment we left the party.  Hubby and I don’t usually leave parties early, and as we drove away we contemplated this whole thing called, “parenthood.”  But, we were determined to figure out a solution to this problem, cause I mean 3 friends?  3!?

That was the night I dug out that grasshopper green cloth diaper I had bought those few months ago when The Tiny still received his mail in my stomach.  It felt so soft and thick, we were willing to try it.  We put it on his newborn little body, and he instantly looked like a sumo wrestler.  We laid The Tiny down for the night and started to sleep.  When he woke up a few hours later, much to my surprise his pj’s were dry!  That morning when I told the hubby the news, “We’re ordering a full set!” he declared.

I was so excited!  We both were!  (It’s funny, the things you and your hubby start cheering for when you first become parents…)We found the solution to our pee problem within hours of discovering the problem!  (I guess pre-ordering wasn’t so crazy after all!) We shopped online and bought 12 more diapers, 2 wet bags, and Bum Genius detergent.  I think our bill was in the mid 200’s, and we gulped when we hit “order” but also felt good about it.