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About Me

Hi there, I am Amy.  We have three kids.  Our boys are six months apart, which usually gives people a funny look on their face, and a preteen, which has people start doing math between her age and mine.

Two of our kids came to us by way of adoption.  They came from poorly run institutions and we left many, many children behind.  Through their growth in our home, they, and we have become new people.

Now-a-days, we spend our time gardening, planting trees, hosting large dinners of unfancy food for lots of people and trying to see people the way God does.  Andrew and I have aims to travel the world, but we’re thinking more likely when our two boys are more civil, or at least potty trained…or civil.

We like to love, play, dance, let our kids explore in the dirt and ride waves.  We believe in being brave, and trying things that might scare you, especially in the name of love.  We will forever hold up the cause of the oppressed because some of the best people we have met live in such a way that no one should.

Also, we love you.  We don’t often get time to write, but when we do, it’s a joy.  We love to connect with the people who read here in any way, so feel free to email: amy@tinygreenelephants.com

Paka, Dasvidana, Paalam na, Adios and Goodbye for now!