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$200 Target Card Giveaway!

Hi there! How are ya’ll? We’re doing great. We’re missing Maria, she off changing the world with YWAM, about to fly to Armenia in a week or two.

At home we’re in a good rhythem with part time homeschool with a great co-op and part time in person school with small classes. This week the kids have been making hand crafts to sell at a local handcraft faire through their homeschool group. They are making this most incredible items all on their own!

A good family photo is hard to come by for some reason, but here one from over the summer at our friend’s wedding in Tijuana.

I had Poppy’s parent teacher conference yesterday, he teacher said she is “powerful” and often turns the entire class’s mood around for the better. Now if that wasn’t spot on!

Now that it’s Christmas, I have been thinking lots about helping one children who is an orphan. I almost didn’t, I thought, everyone is strapped right now, but then I thought, why not just try?? Kids don’t often get families unless they have people in their corner, so let’s step in!

Here is Dena:

Literally with a photo like that, nothing more is needed to be said, right? Just angelic. Would I adopt her? Absolutely!

Here is her Reeces Rainbow link to read about her: https://reecesrainbow.org/childgrant/dena

Ok one more photo before I get into what’s in it for you!

Ok guys, so ANY donation amount, $5 or greater into Dena’s fund here: https://reecesrainbow.org/childgrant/dena

Screen shot that you donated and email it to me here: amybrockhaus@gmail.com and you are entered into the give-away for a $200 Target gift card!

Let’s say you have 3 kids, 2 parents, and 3 siblings, you could get them each a $25 gift–free shipping, and wham bam be done with Christmas shopping then just relax, OH ANNNNND Dena is THIS much closer to being out of a tragic institution. Adoption for children creates a radical shift for children where they are trastically less like to become homeless, trafficked or incarcerated later in life. Can we help this darling!?


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