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Hello lovely people! Earlier this year was so special, do you guys remember when together we advocated for a tiny, bedridden boy named Pavel?

This was him when we all first saw him, just another lonely, forgotten child…

{How it started}

People donated little by little, and…

{How it’s going…}

Thank you to everyone who donated! It matters and it changes lives forever.


This year, we have the huge honor to advocate for another worthy child, who, like Pavel, is waiting in an orphanage and needs a family to thrive.

Her name is Klover.

She is the same age as our son Finley, a wonderful age full of possibilties, but not so for an orphan.

What can we do? We can do nothing, or we can do something tiny right now. We are offering a $200 Target giftcard to the people who donate to her account here: https://reecesrainbow.org/142185/klover

Any donation $10 or more, please screenshot and email to me. I will record them all and choose a winner: amy@tinygreenelephants.com


What if because of these little choices and clicks on the screen we make today, Klover next year is opening presents from her own stocking with her own family, in the safety of her own home.

Love you all so much! Also, Maria is offering a hand painted piece of art for any donations $100 or over, here are some examples you’d be able to choose from:

And just for fun, here’s another reason why children shouldn’t be in orphanages 🙂


Thank you <3

And I hope you win!

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