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The Green Card

I want you to know that Maria is getting her green card.

The very impossible, soul crushing reality that her husband and her children’s father was ripped from them– has a rip in the seam.  The darkness had a crack. The crack grew bigger with each little donation, as love poured in, pooling together, pushing back the darkness circling them.

Creating hope in a situation that was impossible.

The most common donation that came in was $25.  And we made it to $4,000.

$4,000!  I have no words, but I can tell you that many people shed tears, of hope, disbelief and joy.

She has already gotten her medicals and photo done.  We transferred money for the lawyer fee.  Some of the fees were HUGE, but the money was there.

There was enough left over for something that also has been impossible for years.  Something that the staff at her school has encouraged her to do, the principal, but she simply could not.  She did not have the funds, for years.

Her GED.  The principal of her school said that as soon as she gets it there is a job she will be moved up to with more pay for her family.

But the cost of the test was an unreachable $144.  So it was impossible.  Nothing could ever change.  This is the truth, steep reality.  Or was.

But I want you to know, that because of the donations she can get that, too.

She is getting her GED.

Actually, in the past couple days, two small local churches whom we had never heard of before gave a chunk of money.

And something that even for me I thought was unreachable, is now half way possible.  Once Maria has her Green Card in 6 months, she could then sponsor Carlos, and then he could pay his fees.  But that’s nothing we could really focus on, a hurdle too far for me to even think about.

But we have in the foundation half of the money he will need to get his own citizenship.  Something we were not fundraising for, or even thought possible.

I told the librarian at Maria’s school, “I’m sorry, but I think I’m going to cry.”

There was a ripple effect in many lives that I can’t really explain.  But I think that’s what love and generosity does.

The most common donation was $25.

It does not mean their lives are easy right now.  It is simply not.

But kind people, are giving them actual, real hope.  A real life.  This is their real life that was ripped from them, and YOU are putting it together.  You are the thread sewing up broken hearts and emptiness and actually bringing a father home and lifting people out of poverty.


I could say many things, but I feel like I can’t.  There are no words enough that I could offer to tell you thank you.  And from me, I can’t even say.  I saw every donation that came in, from every person, from all political parties, background, ages, belief system.  I read all the kind words, how they wanted the daddy back home, and it effected my entire family, too.  My boys prayed their hearts out, and then the money came in.  They cheered, and cried.

“Can we just go to the store and buy him a drivers license?”  Elijah asked.

“We cannot, buddy, but I want to tell you that people listened about them.  And this world is full of light and love, and God’s love stretches deeper than we could ever imagine.  I want you guys to know that love is always worth it.”

This was the very first time I heard Elijah pray with his heart, to a living God, “God, please,” he was begging, really asking with the emotion in his heart, the heaviness.

I’m thankful, truly.

Please continue to pray for them.


We’ll leave the donation link open so that if anyone wants to see him home, we honestly don’t have that much more to go, there is still a place to make it happen here.


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  • Maria Evans December 8, 2016, 8:52 pm

    Crying again here… but now they are happy tears. I honestly love you – you and your family – and the work you do to spread the word for people in need. This news is just beyond beautiful! I couldn’t afford to give much, but I am happy I did and tears are flowing down my cheeks for Maria and her family. Now let’s continue to get her husband home. I will donate again after Christmas, as I am literally selling some of my belongings right now to help my family get through this crazy season. But when it is all done, I will donate again. Much love to you!!

  • Sarah December 9, 2016, 7:42 am

    This just made my day! I’m so happy that my $25 donation (which honestly seemed too small and insignificant at the time, but was what we could afford right now) was a piece in this puzzle of awesomeness! So amazing what can be achieved when people come together for good. I hope Carlos comes home SOON!

  • Crystal December 12, 2016, 5:35 am

    Best news of the day!

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