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Celebrating Four Years Home

A walk on the pier.  Sunset, pelicans, grimy fishermen pulling up salty creatures gasping for air.  The waves shifting and changing beneath our feet in heavy, dark rolls.

img_4891 img_4904 img_4912

They dance in the light of the sun setting on this day as the sun rounds towards Russia, to touch their old orphanages and the children who remain.

Light foot steps dance along the thick beams, keeping them safe above the water.


Because if it weren’t for adoption, arms would be empty.  Hearts would be empty.  And the lie that they don’t matter would slice like an abrasion.

But instead, arms are filled.

img_4925 img_4934

All because of what a judge decided 4 years ago, we can instead live in the light that only love can bring.

img_4942 img_4953


img_4968 img_4971 img_4984 img_4985 img_4998

The best I could do 😉

img_5009 img_5033 img_5034 img_5037

“Dos dolphins, dey like me!  Dey simming!”


Good bye sun, may you bring warmth, light and love to all you touch no matter where they reside.



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