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Pumpkin Carving Party

We had the best Pumpkin carving party last night.  It rained in the afternoon and all the little ones napped, Maria saw a movie with a friend, so I had time to make some Molasses cookies from the new cook book, which I am LOOOOOOVING, Oh She Glows Everyday.  I basically have been using nothing else.  More on it later.

Cookies were baked, the little ones cleaned up the living room, Maria came bounding in after seeing I Am Not Ashamed saying how amazing it was, and Andrew brought the pumpkins in from outside, slick from the rain.  Maria has been asking to watch Twilight, so it’s our family joke that I find 100 times better movies for her each Friday night.  Two weeks ago it was Father of the Bride.  This week was Pride and Prejudice.  Finley watched most of it too, they loved it, although the language was hard for them to follow, the images are breathtaking and the music beautiful.  Maria loved Elizabeth’s strength.

img_4585 img_4586 img_4587

We listened to the sound track of Pride and Prejudice as we drew on the pumpkins and the kids scooped seeds with their hands.

img_4555 img_4568

Since we have some kids from orphanages, we have some sensory issues.  I told the kids, whoever completely scoops out their seeds on their own gets some of the cookies to keep them motivated and not giving up.   Elijah would put his hand in to grab a few, then shake his hand quickly to fling them off and around the room.  But he pushed through the difficulty.


Daddy used power tools to make the shapes everyone chose come to life.  It was loud, Poppy thought, but still fun 🙂


Finley wanted a vampire on his.


Poppy wanted a kitty, Maria wanted words, I Love God, and Elijah asked for a ghost.

img_4610 img_4607 img_4597

Poppy was the first to clean hers all the way out.


And she sat proudly next to the cookies while carefully selecting hers.


“Oh, you guys are still working?  Aww, that’s too bad…”


Elijah finished next.  Finley was struggling, and even though Elijah did not like getting his hands in there, the highlight of the night for me was when he offered to help his brother finish so he could have a cookie, too.

img_4655 img_4678 img_4681

The kids wanted to be kittens, so Maria dangled a string while they hopped around falling and giggling all over each other.

img_4698 img_4694 img_4684 img_4682

Here’s four pumpkins worth of seeds.  This is the FIRST year I didn’t over cook them and make them too burned.  They were great with some seasoning, avocado oil and coconut sugar.


The costumes are sewed or bought and ready.  The pumpkins are carved, the kids are ALREADY planning on the switch witch, HAHAHAH!!  (I had forgotten until they reminded me 😉

I think this year is my favorite costume wise for them!  I am so excited!




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  • kate October 31, 2016, 12:57 pm

    Go, Elijah! That’s HUGE! (I don’t like pumpkin guts on my hands, either.)

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