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Love, Laurel

Today I want to share the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen, while highlighting a very easily manageable special need this week.  Learning about this special need will open up new possibilities to children everywhere.


But, fair warning, she’s darling.  You will wish she weren’t living a life of abandonment and longing, you’ll probably wish she were your own little girl, so just be prepared for those feelings to rush in.



This is Laurel



“Hi Mommy!”

Porcelain skin, a cautious but kind smile, chin up with the hope her mom might see her, arms gently by her side.


Laurel, along with many orphans around the world, is HIV positive.

Did you know that HIV is 100% preventable?


How much preventable?


See, you already have some good, life saving facts under your belt!


Pop Quiz:

So if you were to adopt Laurel, would HIV be 100% preventable?


Most Americans had their most recent HIV education in the 80s, and most of that information is very outdated.


Sorry David, the 80’s are over.  SO over.  So over.


Here are some amazing facts about people living with HIV that may just blow your mind, as well as open up never worlds to children just like Laurel:

This week I am going to be sharing a little more information each day about HIV to spread awareness and truth as we stamp out a stigma.  Children living with HIV are so darling, and have made no choices to get HIV, and once they are connected to great care can live full, long lives like you and I!  Isn’t that incredible!  Plus, there are only 3 possible ways to transmit HIV, do you hear what they are in the video?

I will be sharing some stories of families who have adopted children with HIV into their families and their day to day life, all while we work together to add to Laurel’s adoption account as we go. Honestly, what if there is an amazing family out there, just looking for a little girl who they could love, and all it took was this simple, easy information that HIV is not a death sentence, that it’s an easily manageable special need, and that HIV is 100% preventable, so adopting Laurel would be an easy fit.  What if.  So please share as we go, donate, even $2o has been known to change a life forever.


Who can start her off right?  We see you Laurel!  We know your need, and we are here for you!  You can share her profile and donate to her adoption fund here: I need a family


Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.02.33 AM



We will have more information coming along this week.  I would be really excited and honored if you would help along the way.  I am not sure if you have funds that you could easily donate now, or if there would be an easy way for you to find it, sell something you need to get rid with the knowledge that it would help Laurel’s life.  Either way, I appreciate you taking the time.




More information about HIV adoption here: http://www.projecthopeful.org/


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