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Abigail is Home!

Darling Abigail is home.  Her family recently completed the lengthly adoption process, and now gets to see their daily lives through the eyes of a child who has spent her whole life tucked behind the walls of an orphanage.

Here is her little orphanage photo that captured people’s hearts, including her kind family who now get to call her their own.  #lucky


Here are a couple milestone shared by her mama Crystal


Then: afraid of a furry squirrel, an innocent kitten, a faraway bird.


Now: eager for cuddle time with our 10-year-old black lab


Last month: unsure of whether men were human or not


This month: seeks them out, despite their alien ways


A few weeks ago: shrieked in terror when I didn’t buckle her into a stationary umbrella stroller


Last weekend: Urged me to run faster on our 10k

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Before coming home: yelled whenever she wanted to go somewhere


After coming home: moves whenever she wants to go somewhere

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Pre-adoption: a flight of stairs may as well have been Everest


Post-adoption: regularly treks up and down our three-story house

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As an orphan: loved, cherished, protected, but a ballerina with no training or stage As a daughter: challenged, molded, growing…dancing her way into every heart she meets

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You never realized how much life goes on until you see your world through a former orphan’s eyes.

Cooking is not only a chance to learn more English and future life skills — it is a total ADVENTURE for a child who probably hasn’t seen food prepared in a normal kitchen for a normal-sized family and not 25 adults and children.

Regular life? It’s pure magic.

P.S. She ate regular chicken and rice today, not pureed or anything! HUGE VICTORY!




After adopting our new daughter from Armenia about a month ago, it became very obvious that she had no real concept of normal, everyday life. She didn’t know what men really were, or why they existed (in her defense, some women still don’t!). She had no idea that babies breastfeed, or that children come from mothers. The concept that not everybody has a disease or a syndrome was a revelation that she is still processing. She panicked the first time her skin touched grass, as well as when she saw a squirrel. And on and on.

We attend a church that is about half white and half black. Though our girl is incredibly affectionate, like many orphans reaching her arms out to any and every stranger, it became very clear very quickly that she had never seen a black person (or at least not in her memory). She shrunk away from their smiles and let out a positive shriek of terror the first time our pastor — a tall, strong black dude with a manly beard — reached out to squeeze her hand in greeting.

Two weeks later, after watching us with our friends carefully, she decided that we are all just humans and worthy of love and friendship no matter the color or gender. Here she is with Pastor Vince, just enjoying knowing that she is part of a community that accepts her exactly how she is.

In a week where uncertainty ruled in Europe, isn’t it nice to know that hearts can change, and friendships can be born of hardship?





thank you for praying and donating to Abigail.  What a life, what an adventure!  The Kupper family is so amazing and it has been an honor to watch their story unfold.  You can follow her mama’s blog here: http://www.crystalkupper.net/blog/

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  • Sue June 28, 2016, 4:54 pm

    So glad I donated! This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful new beginning for Abigail and a beautiful family!

    • Amy June 28, 2016, 5:15 pm

      I’m so glad you did too. Bless you and the seeds you’ve sown.

    • Crystal June 28, 2016, 10:52 pm

      Yes, thank you, Sue!

  • Julie June 28, 2016, 5:27 pm

    Loved seeing this! Praise God. Thank you for sharing.

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