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Everyone for Elizabeth

I try to stay single minded when helping orphans.  I don’t want to bring up too many at once and overwhelm people so that they throw up their hands and say, “Too many kids, what’s the point of helping ANY of them!!”

But after thinking and praying about Elizabeth, I knew I had to share her need.  To work hard to get this child some care and quick.  I hope you won’t feel overwhelmed, or untouched by what’s happening to her…




The orphanage is begging for a family for this little girl because they have no medications to help her live longer and her muscles continue to die.

She is very smart and very well developed for her age.

She needs special care, rehabilitation, specific medications and good nutrition


*they have no medications to help her live longer*


*THE ORPHANAGE IS BEGGING for a family for this little girl*



Her little body is dying.  There is no medication.

I wish I was connected to someone who works in the news, someone who could be like, “Hey, this precious, sweet, angel face is actually DYING…but if she were to get a family, she could get the medical care she needs…” so that people would know.

Because I can’t imagine that if people heard about this, they’d shrug their shoulders and move on.


She is NOT without hope.  She is still alive, she is fortunate enough to be listed on Reece’s Rainbow…to have a chance at an adoption fund, which for her is a life fund.

Hope is not lost for Elizabeth.

The orphanage is begging for a family for her.  As one person, I, or you, we can’t change her life on our own.  But you and I, we can each do a little bit, and it can add up to something.  We can sew tiny little seeds into this child’s life, a child who is dying, and turn her life around.  Give her the chance to be loved and LIVE.

This is the link to her adoption/life fund: http://reecesrainbow.org/96483/elizabeth-2

Each donation, big or even tiny, will change. her. life.

Please shout for her, share this need.  Donate to her.  Sell something on Craiglist, something you don’t want and give that life money to Elizabeth.

See her, care about a child who has no hope without someone like you.

Look at the way she’s holding that little baby doll, she has love in her heart, even though her muscles are wasting away.



Some kids want video games, some want iPhones, some just want to live.


Help us see this through, please lets keep adding into her account until she is chosen by a family and they get her.  This is a child’s life or death.  Please be a writer in the story of her life.




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  • Crystal Kupper March 3, 2016, 1:06 am

    Oh my. She is just breaking my heart! Will pray for her today.

  • Molly March 7, 2016, 10:03 pm

    What a precious child. I wish we could scoop her up and bring her home. But at least we can give a little to a family who can. I will be praying! Thank you for sharing her story, and yours.

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