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Adios America!

Peace out America! These cute girls are on their way south of the border on their first missions trip. They will be working with local families and children, going to convalescent homes, creating a carnival with games for kids, living in tents, eating tortillas and Mexican Coke (lo mejor)

Maria’s prayer request this morning from us was, “That I can make good relationships with everyone there.”
We’ll see them in a week!


Each girl adopted from a different country, now traveling friends.


Poppy wishes she could go, too 😉


The second half of the group to go down, minus the two small cute blonde boys


“Don’t leave me, Rose!”


“Adios, Amigos!”

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  • Crystal March 25, 2016, 5:18 am

    I’ll never forget my first missions trip to Mexico in the 8th grade! Lifelong memories.

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