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Poppy’s Message about Adelaide

Hi, my name is Poppy. I may be just learning to talk, but I must be advanced for my age, because I have a message to share.


This little girl’s name is Adelaide. She lives in an orphanage, and I used to live in an orphanage–but that was ages ago. And I am here to tell you family life is way better! Let me tell you why so we can work together to help my friend Adelaide;

First, you get to go outside and play. You have your own mom and dad to freak out about how special you are all the time, and that makes you feel loved and important. You’ll be smiling all the time. In families, you grow a lot, I think it’s all the food and hugs and love. They take you on bike rides, and read you stories and rock you to sleep–I’m not even kidding! There is nothing like being loved and belonging, I think it’s what everyone truly wants.

I really want my friend Adelaide to get a family, too! If you’re looking for a child of your own, I think she’d be a blessing to any family. You can ‘share’ this post with your friends, maybe someone can see her and want her as their own, special daughter (Like me, I’m a special daughter)

You can donate to her adoption fund, lots of people get scared away from adopting kids like me, or like Adelaide even though we need help–because of money, which is the pits. So any donation, big or small, will help her! That’s an easy one, though, just donate here:http://reecesrainbow.org/79046/adelaide-2


You can print out Adelaide’s picture and pray for her, that’s a fun part, seeing God work.

Anyways, lots to do–you know, family life. Gotta get my play dough on, and lay out my tutu for dance class, Mommy keeps mentioning ‘nap’ which I’ll have to inform her I may not have time for today…I think moms like that kind of thing.

Thanks for listening, I appreciate it and plan on helping lots of people over my lifetime, cause lots of people helped me!

Love you all!



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