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Some Good News

Recently, Abigail’s parent’s received a letter.  It is a discussion about another little boy that is being adopted that Abigail overhears.  Abigail listens about her best friend at the orphanage getting a Papa and Mama, her face becoming sad and saying,

“I don’t have!”


And she doesn’t have, in her mind, a mother or a father.  She lives in an orphanage, with staff.  No mother and father.


the great news is that, TODAY her parents received travel dates to meet their little, darling, diva, kind, daughter, THIS MONTH!!!  In fact, they found out today that they will be meeting her in a couple weeks, so time to pack, I guess 😉


Thank you to each person who held her in their hearts and moved to action, even if it was a donation of $10, you were a part of the bridge that will be completed this very month!  You have so much life changing power and potential, I mean, look at that darling face who will NOT be a tragic statistic, but who will grow up in an environment of love, stability and promise of a good future.

I loved hearing this news today, we can all stand for some wonderful, beautiful news once in a while 🙂


Here is Abigail’s family’s sponsorship page, ’tis the season and I know they would appreciate any help:  http://reecesrainbow.org/90746/sponsorkupper

Keep the Kupper family and Abigail in your prayers and God finishes this cool story.

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