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I returned all my emails…

Recently I have been volunteering in Finley’s class  one morning a week and I love working with the kids.  I’m supposed to be speaking only in Spanish to them, but once in a while, I’ll explain something to them in a whisper in English 😉   If you’re a teacher or helper, you know that there’s always one or two kids per reading group that want to do being doing well–working hard, but they find themselves playing swords, staring at a wall, ripping paper and not being able to focus.  I sometimes WISH I could roll InTune on them, but I don’t want to creep the parents out, so I just put it on Finley. 😉  (My mom’s teacher friend diffuses InTune in her second grade classroom for all her students, genius)

Andrew loves putting InTune on in the afternoon and he can feel himself power through the rest of his work.  I put it on the boys the moment we start workbooks or homework and I see a world of difference in focus and ability to do good, careful work each time.  They are excited, no frustration, etc.  But I had never tried it on myself…

Until last week.  I was feeling afternoon sluggish and I decided to roll one swipe of InTune on my neck.  Even though I use it on the rest of my family, I have never had the experience myself…

Within a few minutes I had decided to go through all my emails.  Pages and pages.  And pages.  I finally wrote the adoption letter of recommendation for my friends that they had wanted weeks ago.  “I’m so sorry this is late, but honestly I am impressed it even got done today, enjoy!”

I scheduled meetings that were about to expire, wrote back friendly notes, emailed Amazon, followed up non-crucial emails, and some VERY IMPORTANT ONES THAT I COULDN’T BELIEVE I HADN’T GOTTEN TO I’M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!  Email after email.  So-Much-Focus…and much needed.

I share this with you for two reasons; 1.  If you have a child with a ‘developing attention span’ as Finley’s teacher describes it 😉 InTune is a great aid in focus and mental clarity when they need it most in an easy, child friendly, non-prescription, natural form.

2.  If you are a mom of small children who is also required to do things other than raising them, which is honestly way too much to ask I think, swipes some on yourself.  I mean if you already have it sitting on a shelf in your kitchen to swipe it on necks during breakfast before school, it’s not going to run out anytime soon, share some with yourself.

You can find InTune Focus blend hereDoTerra, and click on ‘Oil Blends.’

If you are doing some Christmas shopping, oils are a thoughtful and kind gift.  There are kits, oils for sadness, stomach problems, anxiety, sore throats, and most other things.  Look around, and feel free to email me if you need help picking the perfect oils for you or as a gift: amy@tinygreenelephants.com

Your inbox awaits!





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  • kate December 9, 2015, 2:58 pm

    does it ever go on sale? i was so excited to try this on my daughter…but $60 is a lot! 😮

    • tinyteam December 14, 2015, 3:03 pm

      I’m not sure about sale…I think no? I’ll message you if I ever hear of it. I think yes and no on expensive, to me it’s worth it just because it lasts so long, and we used to have to buy ADD medication and get it refilled often, and visit the doctor often to get it refilled which cost so much more, and was so much more of a hassle, so for us this is a dream.

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