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What Can Love Do

What, exactly, is happening before my eyes? I am slow to see as time passes in waves. Children are starving and hurting right now, and I delude myself often enough, get caught up in my own nonsense long enough to not have it beep on my radar. Busyness, great at it. But I found this old photo of Poppy, I think from earlier this year. To see her shine and live unfettered is a gift to us, we are deeply satisfied by her presence in our home, the ability to watch her unfold in our arms to become the girl she was always meant to be transcends the purposes and emotions that we used to champion in times past. Adoption is much work, it will require a lot more than you thought you had to start out with, but we often find God’s deepest blessings and actual satisfaction when we finally get to the end of ourselves, our nonsense and fear, the end of our busyness in hopes to create a false sense of worth. But it’s all disguised. Loving little people is an honor that forces humility from you, it is the second most important goal of all and nothing to delay, and the one that will give everyone’s life back. LifeOfAGirl1

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