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“Well, don’t email the Embassy until this afternoon,” Wendu told us after we were submitted.  “And just so you know, the Embassy has been back logged, lots of cases at the same time…

You probablly won’t hear form them.”

Andrew and my heart sank.

“Our flight home is on Friday.  If we don’t get an Embassy appointment tomorrow, Thursday, we will have to stay an extra week.  They don’t process cases on Friday and Monday’s cases take two days…” Andrew told me.

“We’ll totally get an appointment tomorrow…” I offered.  Andrew went to bed with a headache thinking about it.

“And even if we have to stay, that’s ok, it’s awesome here!”  I tried again, even though I was starting to feel like it may be hard.

Do not book flights until you have a confirmed Embassy date.  We cannot accommodate all cases at the times desired, was written on the bottom of the email from the Embassy.

Well, our flights were booked weeks ago when we came out here on a whim.

“Hmmmm, 60/40,” our agency had told us.  But we believed we could get more done here, so we booked it and picked her up.

“Let’s not go anywhere today,” Andrew told Fekadu and I.  “In case they email…”  he was pacing.  He was calculating the extra flight costs, the extra hotel costs of an additional week.  I started thinking about the kids at home and how much they miss us when we are gone, “Is mommy home yet?”

“No,” I said, “Let’s go somewhere, we can just go somewhere close…” I say.

Andrew and I went to our room.

“We need to pray, we need God’s spirit to be the one leading this.  If we stay, there will be a specific purpose.  We can’t be going off our gut, we need to surrender this…”

We pray.  We feel peace washing over us.  We read the bible.

“I think we should email them, but I don’t want to ‘manipulate’ them with our flight date, everyone has one.  I don’t even want to mention it, I just want to thank them…”

“That sounds good to me….but I think it’s ok to mention it.”

We send the email, and go to the fair-ish type place.  Poppy rides her first swing.  She rides her first slide.

At 11am, I tell Andrew, “It’s 11am, I think you should check your email now… I have a feeling we’ll hear at 11….”

Andrew logs on, tethered to Fekadu’s phone, which isn’t cheap.  We are sitting on a bright pink, metal circular table, with a cheery umbrella and attached round seats that are too small for us.  We sit, breathing.

“Oh my gosh….we have an email from them…”

Fekadu and I are silent, my heart is racing, Poppy looks up at us over her sippy cup of water that we have refilled 4 times, gazing up at Papa with her big eyes, not knowing why everyone was silent, catching our breathes.

“Your Embassy appointment is set for July 9th….9am…..” he reads to us, breathless.

“When is that!!??!” I ask, I am not even sure today’s date.


Fekadu and I jump up, “WHAT!!?!? WHAT!?!?!  Are you KIDDING ME!?!?”

We started cheering and clapping, and all the people around us don’t stare, but just kind of smile along.

“We can keep our flight!”  Andrew lost about 100 pounds of worry.

“We can bring you home!” we tell her, she smiles and reaches up for us.

“Let’s go to the country now!” I tell them, and we scoop up Poppy and all but run to the car, smiling the entire way.

“But, I thought they were backed up…I thought there would never be a day turn around, everyone said…”

“I know…”




We leave in 2 hours for our appointment…  Little miss is sleeping away.  I want to update more about our day, but I wanted to thank each person who held us in their prayers and thoughts, we can’t believe it….  I’m unable to describe to you the relief, freedom and joy we feel.  We are so, so thankful.  We feel like we are living in the undeserved miracle week.  How good is our God.

60/40 just turned into going home with our girl and not waiting another moment to have her join our family.

Oh my gosh.

God is able.  That’s what everyone was texting me.  I was feeling unsure…

But, as always, He is.

Still my heart
Let Your voice be all I hear now
Spirit breathe
Like the wind come have Your way
Cause I know Your’re in this place

Skies spin their dance
Within Your breath
Time runs its race
Within Your hand

And my mind runs wild
To comprehend
What no mind on earth
Could understand

Your ways are higher
Your thoughts are wilder
Love came like madness
Poured out in blood – wash romance
It makes no sense but this is grace
And I know You’re with me in this place




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  • Pat Spencer July 8, 2015, 9:04 pm

    Praise!!! He works large and small miracles. So happy and cannot wait to see photos of all the kids together playing in the yard. I can already see Maria reading to Poppy. So happy for you and pray for safe travels home.

  • Jennie July 9, 2015, 4:58 pm

    Our Lord always provides – and always on time. To God Be The Glory!

    Poppy exudes JOY!

  • Hannah H July 9, 2015, 5:33 pm

    Praise God!!!!!!

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