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Injera and Bears

Yesterday, Sunday, was the last weekend day as a family before Andrew and I go to Ethiopia for our first of two trips.  We wanted to take the kids to Build a Bear to create something for their sister together, and even though it was far, it was luckily near an Ethiopian restaurant.  The kids and Andrew had never had Ethiopian food before, I had it once in Little Ethiopia and loved it.

“Do you have a reservation?” the woman asked me as Elijah laid his head on my shoulder, “No,” I smiled.

“You can sit at the big table in the back.”  We made our way over, Elijah sitting on the little pillows, everyone finding their spot as we smelled thick aromas of spices in our shadowed seat with hints of golden light.  Pictures of Ethiopia lined the walls and the kids stared up.

IMG_4979 IMG_4959


After we ordered we played Eye Spy with the kids to keep their minds off their hunger, intensified by the delicious food being served around us


IMG_4965 IMG_4977 IMG_4980 IMG_4990

There are no plates and no silverware, but one, large family sized plate covered in Injera, spongy bread, and topped with spiced chickpeas, roasted chicken, stewed lentils and greens.  I showed them how to tear and roll, but they didn’t need the instruction and plowed their little hands in, going faster with each taste, everyone getting their fill.



IMG_5002 IMG_5003

Maria and I are convinced to have meals like this at home often, no dishes 😉


When everyone was full, we leaned back, while Finley used his finger tips to get any last flavors he could, scooped up unto his mouth, even used the serving spoon for the chickpeas.

IMG_5018 IMG_5030 Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset IMG_5045 IMG_4995 IMG_5022 IMG_5034 IMG_4957



We headed to the mall, which was swamped.  This experience may have been more of a cultural experience for us, so fancy, so many people.  I think we’ve been out of the loop.  We tracked down build a bear, “We’re here!” we whispered to the kids as we walked in.  They searched each animal, and settled on a butter cream, floppy bear after a unanimous vote.



We crouched in the corner and recorded our voices,

“Mommy loves you!”

“Daddy loves you!”

“WE LOVE YOU!” rang the two older kids in unison, then Elijah realized he was supposed to say it too, “I love…” just before he was cut off.  It was all kind of perfect 🙂

The boys were calm and silent during the stuffing process, seeing the bear come to life, they watched through silent, enraptured eyes as the girl explained each step.


They each picked out a silky heart to place inside the bear, “Rub it on your heart that she will be filled with love, on your arms for strength, on your heads for a strong mind, give it a kiss and put it inside your bear.”

IMG_4912 IMG_4920


IMG_4921 IMG_4927

Our bear got sewed up, and ‘washed.’  We nixed any bear accessories, which were many.

IMG_4930 IMG_4937

Andrew and I will bring the bear with us, probably put some Serenity oil on it so she can have a memory scent and leave it with her.  She can hear our voices each time she pushes it’s paw for the couple weeks we have to go home and wait for Embassy.

Not once did the kids ask to make their own, but were excited to be doing something together for their sister.



You are so loved, little one.  We will see you soon!


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  • Kerry June 1, 2015, 12:36 pm

    Such joy. I am glad I could contribute to their sister’s homecoming in a small way. 🙂

  • Crystal June 2, 2015, 2:30 am

    Great idea! Maybe while we’re visiting the States this summer we’ll have to find a BaB and do this for Abigail, too!

  • Alexis June 3, 2015, 4:53 pm

    What a special day! And I have no doubt that your little girl will be overjoyed with her new bear AND meeting her new family.

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