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Late Spring

Life lately.  Maria has been winding down with school, sort of.  She has a big load of homework each night, projects, and she handles it all so well.  We got her the Harry Potter book series for her birthday and she is loving them.  So exciting to see her loving them, following the story.

We are looking forward to summer, where she will have a little break, but she is also doing a couple camps and junior life guards.  The boys will be glad that she’ll be home with them too, they loving playing with Maria.  She is such a good, smart student, but still such a kid at heart.

11313058_925368403540_6700003672919045127_o IMG_3818 IMG_3822

Maria doing homework, Andrew working.


Finley has been wanting be take on more chores around the house.  Sometimes I’d rather just do things myself, but try to be intentional about allowing each child to become autonomous and learn life skills.


We have a lot of fun with art, but I try to keep it as simple as possible because otherwise I won’t do it, meaning they won’t.  Maria and I find a lot of tutorials for drawing, Finley and Elijah sometimes try to keep up, too.

IMG_3833 IMG_3842 IMG_3848 IMG_3853 IMG_3860 IMG_3863


Finley and Maria both love working alongside dad.  Elijah would rather run around, but these two love learning from any word that comes out of his mouth.  He is never in a hurry, nor does he demand his space or time, but loves his moments with these two little helpers.



Finley wanted to wear a tie, or as he called it a ‘tightener.’

IMG_3882 IMG_3900 IMG_3909 IMG_3918

I hope you are each having a wonderful end of Spring as summer approaches.  We send our love your way.

IMG_3956 IMG_4004 IMG_4036
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