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All the Pretty Horses

We met the raddest couple yesterday in Mexico who run a rescue for horses and animals.   Well, not at first, at first we got lost.  The old painted, faded signs slipping off whatever they were nailed to did their best, but we came up empty.  Andrew pulled over and asked some men hanging out under some trees who were helpful and led us to the right spot.  Not one person here is sitting zoning out on their phones.



We found the right gate, “All the Pretty Horses” and were greeted by a one eyed dog.  Rattle snake, we learned later. IMG_4635

Then Daisy came out, she was an aggressively affectionate goat.IMG_4636 IMG_4645


A man came out to us ragamuffins invading his home, touching all his animals and welcomed us warmly.  I think he had been resting, but it didn’t faze him, it would have fazed me.  He showed us and the kids all the animals, each one rescued and being rehabilitated.  27 horses in all.IMG_4649 IMG_4658


IMG_4653IMG_4660 IMG_4694 IMG_4672

His girl friend Crystal came out and Elijah instead of introducing himself started on repeat, “I wanna ride the horses, I wanna ride the horses,” because Andrew and I are really good at teaching our gem stones manners.


We didn’t have any money with us, but we mentioned that we could pay pal them later, and again they were unfazed, and saddled up the horses as the kids started stomping their feet with excitement.

No papers signed, list of rules, helmets or time schedules, just hills and valleys, each of us nestling a little boy with us, Maria riding her own.


IMG_4711 IMG_4713


We saw parts of Baja we had never seen before, it with dry but alive with green.  Succulents in every corner of rock walls, the sun a golden on the edge of our eyes.  Elijah was silent in awe as he sat with daddy on the huge animal, kind enough to give him a ride through valleys and over hills.IMG_4733

IMG_4809 IMG_4754 IMG_4738 IMG_4728 IMG_4724 IMG_4744


11206659_919174156860_8295728480492364119_o IMG_4619


IMG_4791 IMG_4796

It was an incredible ride, breathtaking.  If you ever find yourself in Baja, Mexico, find All the Pretty Horses { http://bajahorses.com/}   They are the kindest people, a young couple who are devoting their lives to something good, and sharing it with others.  We did end up pay paling them once we got home, although it was hard to leave, we felt so welcomed and the kids were in animal heaven.  Maybe next time we’ll bring food to BBQ. 

As we drove away, the dust kicking up under our tires, we told the kids we would get them paletas for doing such a good job, for the boys it was their first ride.  
IMG_4798 IMG_4799 IMG_4804

We also stopped at Farmacias Similares.  “Lo mismo pero mas barato” —  “The same–but much cheaper” and no joke, it was!



Finley got a Pina Colada paleta, Elijah got a lime spicy one which he promptly complained about, but then made do, and Maria got strawberries and cream.

IMG_4816 IMG_4824 IMG_4827 IMG_4833


“A cat!  KITTY!”IMG_4837 IMG_4847 IMG_4852 IMG_4854


Even after saying goodbye, the kitty waited and watched us, causing the kids great lament, “MAMA!!  She wants us!!!!!!!!!”IMG_4861

“She’s fine darlings, she’s just our friend now”  (No)


Great job little cowboys and cowgirl!   Proud of these brave kiddos



All the pretty horses, find ’em!

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  • Alexis May 29, 2015, 2:33 pm

    I SO want to go here next time I’m down in Rosarito. I’m already envisioning it…the boys go surfing while there girlies go for a trail ride. Sounds like a perfect day to me!