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Scenes from Easter

We hosted a small get together here for Easter, just family and close friends I grew up with, smashing all our kids together for pictures.  I think Easter may just be my favorite holiday, the weather, the ease, no pressure, the meaning, the joy of it.

Kids in cute clothes, marveling at the miracle of it all.





Let me just highjack this post to tell you how much we love my little brother’s girlfriend.  In a sea of new people, so was friendly, kind, loved all the kids, and made an easter basket for EACH of the four kids with kind, thoughtful stuff inside.  Matthew, you got a real winner, we love her!  #DontMessItUp 😉




“Is this really happening to me?…” -Finley

IMG_3634 IMG_3647 IMG_3651 IMG_3657 IMG_3664 IMG_3655 IMG_3681

Uncle Joe reading about the empty tomb while the rest of us hid eggs all over the yard, they had no idea.


We hid lots of easy ones, and some really high ones for the big girls.  Each person brought 15-20 eggs filled with simple things, like one jelly bean, or a sticker, or something small, it was so easy and fun.

IMG_3689 IMG_3704 IMG_3718 IMG_3721 IMG_3733

Incredible bubble blowers from Abby and Matty, the highlight of it all.

IMG_3742 IMG_3758 IMG_3761

Happy Easter!

So much love from our family to yours!  May your hearts be filled with love and peace this Easter and all the days after.


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