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My Oils Video

A couple months ago, I wanted to make a video for people who are audio or visual learners about Essential Oils.  This video I am sharing today will cover some of the daily oils we use as a family, and why we love them.  How they cure stomach aches in a touch, and get us our the door on days that we otherwise wouldn’t.   Little potent life changers in every drop.   I started off talking about the great ones for adopted kids, but there was a conga line of kids and husbands into our room.  So, I edited out the small guests, and here is a little info on some of my OTHER favorite oils, which is cool because these are our daily oils that we love and will pertain to all families.

So you know how people are becoming so much more conscious of what goes into and on their bodies, this is a way for me to help people learn some of the basics of how and where to use essential oils.

After I filmed this, I thought, Hmm, maybe I should, you know, move the laundry baskets, change our of my workout jacket, clean up?  Then I thought, nah, I’ll just keep it real!  Enjoy, my hope is that you will learn something new that will resonate with you enough that you would be willing to try oils because they are often faster, more effective and safer and less expensive than what you can buy over the counter.


My Movie from TinyGreen46 on Vimeo.

You can find and purchase any of the oils mentioned in the video here:  http://www.mydoterra.com/tinygreenelephants/

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