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KATHLEEN!!! Will have her voice…

I am so excited to tell you guys something, and it will get better as you read….

Guess what? Guess who has her very own family? 



You know what this means for her, yes a family, love, education, care, food–meat on those tiny bones, but also, remember her correctable disability, her cleft palate? Well, her new mama is a nurse who it going to line her all up. She will have a VOICE! AND LOVE! And hope and a future… All the good things.

Wait for it…her mama and I have been in the same bible study for 3 years….she will live here near us in southern CA!! We get to know her! IN REAL LIFE!!!

Thank you to each person who prayed for her, and donated to her, and sewing seeds into her life, I am honored to know you, you are a life changing person.

Her profile said, “I truly believe she would thrive in a family where she could be showered with all the attention she deserves and allowed to simply be the fun-loving, silly little girl God created her to be.” AND….yes. Check! Waiting for 10 years and now…. she’d better get ready to thrive.

Here is her new family! They are so fun (and funny)

(And you don’t know joy until you step out in faith to adopt and someone donates even like, $10, it’s the most caring, uplifting thing that has ever happened to you)

YAY! SUCH GOOD NEWS! YAY! WE ARE SO HAPPPY!!!!! Kathleen, you are precious and SO loved.


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