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Happy November Days

Oh Hi, happy November.

I have been away from my computer, we have been celebrating and our home has been  filled with family and friends, as we pour more food into the crockpots, put on another pot of rice, collect the eggs.   We received two new chickens last night, gray like a storm cloud.

My two little boys, I call them my babies, but I wonder if they really are any more, dress themselves, they play long games with each other.  Their friendship so natural, I often wonder at the chance under any other circumstance that they would ever meet, let alone become brothers.



10648178_858654184370_6164033463398356223_o IMG_5350


Ripe Mulberries





They dig in little corners of the yard, fingers in the dirt, one a back hoe loader, the other a bull dozer, only sounds from their mouths, otherwise silent side by side, wrapped up in contentment of their friendship.

Elijah’s first dentist appointment, Finley kept his hand on him to comfort him.







Maria started to get tutoring twice a week from her teacher in the early mornings.  Her teacher loves her and wants her to succeed.  She earned a C on a science test that was very difficult, and we cheered as she beamed.  Fractions, long division, parts of speech, three new chapter books from the library each week, and she is doing it.  The orphanage told us she never would, but she’s telling a different story.

Even after a long day of work, Andrew finds times to create math manipulatives and help her.  Deep down, she is finding how much she can.



The other night she asked to brush my hair.  As she did, “Mama, you’re so lucky.”

“Why honey?”

“You just had a good life your whole life.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was ten years in an orphanage, it was so hard.”

“I know honey, I bet that was hard.  I didn’t even know I was lucky when I was a kid, I didn’t even know about orphanages…”

“You didn’t?”

“I think lots of people don’t.”



Our adoption budget limits us, we stick to garage sales if we need something.  Which also, by the way, is a great way to meet neighbors.  And a great way to find an amazing Nasa suit for $1.  Look out aliens, this guy means business.




With the gift of one dollar, a pot, a bird whistle and some mermaid cat art were the big treasures, the prizes they came home with thinking they were the coolest finds in the world.





Andrew and I dressed up and went to a Fundraiser event for Alex and Yana, we are getting ready for another one on Sunday for Rose from the Philippines, it’s all such grace, such fun times.  A gift to everyone who gets to be involved in something real, what lives long for, something tangible, the changing of lives from misery to love.  From loneliness to family as so many people show up for these families, for the waiting children–and honestly have the best time of their lives!  So fun.





Oh yeah, Halloween.  Clara Barton, an American Nurse during the civil war, as well as creator of the American chapter of the Red Cross, aka total  BA.  Any house we visited with someone over 60 lit up when they saw her, “Clara Barton!!”




And we also had Woody and Buzz with us.  When Buzz got his costume on, he looked and felt about 6 feet taller, and told us quiet seriously, “I will be here ALL day…”

“Wow, thanks Buzz”

IMG_9526 IMG_9519 IMG_9490


The Switch Witch came that night and switched out their candy for a new toy that papa went to buy at Wal-Mart on Halloween night at 12am.  They never asked for it again…how many years will this sham last?


Adoption, slowly but surely, small updates here and there, nothing worth noting quiet yet.  We remain patient, the proof of the resilience of children due to love within our home, putting our hearts at rest.





IMG_7983 IMG_5929

Happy November to you!  Thank you for reading and being a friend.  You are special to us, the love you show to us.  If I ever get to meet you, we will have to give you a big hug to show you how much we love you and care about you.


Happy Thanksgiving to our readers in the states, happy November and so much love from our family to yours!

Thank you for celebrating with us yesterday.  Two years ago yesterday, Maria and Elijah woke up in an orphanage.

And two years ago yesterday, Andrew and I went in and broke them both free. It’s surreal to see these photos, like I can feel these memories on my skin. Such crummy little orphanages which held such incredible little souls, bunches of them, and we were lucky enough to leave with two.

Thanks for remembering with me. Adoption is probably a fools errand, one that is wilder, richer and more profound that I realized the day before, and each day since. I don’t have words to describe my thankfulness I have for this day, Gotcha Day, freedom.


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  • Melissa November 14, 2014, 3:21 pm

    Maria’s note brought tears to my eyes. Precious girl.

    I love the paint scheme in the boys’ room! So cute.

    • tinyteam November 15, 2014, 4:20 pm

      Thank you! I know, she is so thoughtful

  • Kerry November 14, 2014, 4:21 pm

    As usual, this family just grabs me by the heart. Pureness, vitality, joy, and love just radiate from those kids — they are just the sweetest. I am almost always sniveling into a tissue by the end of your posts. Regarding your adoption budget…is there a way we can help with expenses? Maybe start a public Amazon wish list for the kids’ needs that we could all purchase from, especially with Christmas coming up? Another way? Let us know.

    • tinyteam November 20, 2014, 2:18 pm

      Thank you Kerry, you are so kind. I wish I could come up with something like that, I’ll have to put it to thought. Thank you for your kind words 🙂


  • Kathy November 18, 2014, 3:14 pm

    Another beautiful post!! I am wondering when the switch witch comes what do you do with the candy!! I wouldn’t want to throw them out it would seem to be such a waste! Just looking for ideas for my grandchildren!!

    • tinyteam November 20, 2014, 2:38 pm

      We toss it. Better than donating cavities to less fortunate kids in my mind.