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Natural ADD Help

ADD runs in the family.  When I saw that there was an essential oil for ADD that helps you focus, I ordered it right away just to see.  Both my brother and Andrew have been medicated for ADD in their lives with literally terrible results.  They told me about loosing appetite, feeling emotionless even depression, depression!  None of which seems worth it to me, although it did help them ‘focus.’  Focus without the joy of life.

So I ordered the InTune, which is a Focus blend.  I gave it to Andrew and I started using it on Finley when we did his morning workbook a few mornings a week.  After a few weeks, I was emailing with a mom who was looking for help with her daughter’s focus and I told her about InTune, and I told her I would do a trial with and without because I had forgotten how Finley had done prior to us using it.  I needed a control group.

I decided to film it to send it to her.

Dannnnng, it was a CRAZY DIFFERENCE!! You can see that is was immediate.  Notice the two most important things to me; 1. He still has his sweet, kind personality.  2.  He is able to absorb information, learn and practice his writing.  Again–immediately.  Before I applied the InTune he wasn’t able to!

InTune from TinyGreen46 on Vimeo.

I know this would be SO big for little ones who struggle in school even though they want to do well.  That’s the hard part about ADD, they actually are trying very hard, but don’t always have a lot to show for it.  I would love to get the word out about this, it is effective for children and adults, and most importantly is safe, effective, and so much cheaper than going through the process of prescription while keeping personality in tact.  If you have a need for focus in your family, get a roller and use it on everyone, takes .7 seconds and lasts forever.

If you have a little one with attention problems or ADD, try this out.  For us, getting on a prescription did not work out and has so many unknowns and negatives, while this is so effective and as you could see immediate.

I use this with a lavender on Elijah so he can focus as well as be calm while he is in gymnastics so he can follow directions and listen to his teacher.


“InTune is a proprietary blend of essential oils carefully
selected for their ability to enhance focus and support
healthy thought processes. This blend helps those who
have difficulty paying attention stay on task and sustain
focus. No matter your age, staying focused on the task
at hand is sometimes difficult. This is especially critical
during the formative years when learning and growing
create habits and a foundation for life. The carefully
selected essential oils in dōTERRA InTune Focus Blend
work together, supporting your efforts to remain calm
and focused on a desired task. Sandalwood, Frankincense,
and Lime contribute to clarity and focus, while the
benefits of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Roman Chamomile
are calming and soothing. The pleasing aroma of InTune
Focus Blend makes this solution an easy and delightful
one to use.”

Order here: http://www.mydoterra.com/tinygreenelephants/

and please take a moment to share with someone you know who is, or has a loved one who struggles with ADD or focus.


(All proceeds go to the adoption of an orphan and your natural good health and in this case, focus to accomplish what you need to)

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