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DIY Immunity Boosting Fruit Gummies

If you ever thought making your own fruit gummies was tricky, I’m here to tell you no!  SO easy!  Like, if you can make oatmeal (Stirring a pot) you can make these.

They may seem like a fun treat, but there are many layers of goodness hidden inside these sweet things that your kids will gobble up, while you tent your fingers and whisper, ‘excellent.’



No need to bat the congealed, high fructose corn syrup mixed with Red 40 out of your kids hand next time someone hands them to your kid, just make your own.  These are great to have on hand during cold and flue season because it will BOOST up the immune system, and there is a superfood ingredient that strengthens your hair, skin, nails and gut, do you know what it is?



Ingredient List:

-1/3 of a cup of juice, (we used the juice from pomagranites because it’s what we had on hand) use your favorite

-3 tablespoons grass fed Gelatin (Where to buy)

-3 tablespoons raw honey

-5 drops of OnGuard Essential Oil (Where to buy)

-Squeeze of Lemon Juice


-Silicone ice mold or candy mold, we have pickle shapes, but you can find lots of cute ones here or just use a ice cube tray.

-sauce pan


-measuring spoons and cup

optional: Juicer (If your are juicing your own fruit)



(SO easy! Just 3 steps)

– In sauce pan on low heat, whisk your juices, gelatin, honey and OnGuard until there are no lumps. Ok, you’re almost done!!

– Carefully pour into your silicone mold or ice cube tray, don’t overfill, there’s good stuff in each drop.

-Pop them into the freezer for 5-10 minutes and they will be set!  DONE!  Pop them out of the molds, serve or store and enjoy!


Your kids will be so impressed with them, heck, so will you!  You just MADE gummy fruit snacks with all these super food ingredients and your kids are GOBBLING them up because they are SO yummy!  Your husband will call you super mom, so you’ll forget to mention they only took 5 minutes and nod your head in agreement.

Your kids will be like, “Moooom, can I PLEASE have more,” and you’ll be like, “Yes dear!”



So, here’s the good part….  Are you ready for this?

As they enjoy, you’ll know that their immunities will be strengthened because of the OnGuard, which also gives it the best flavor.  But–have you heard about the benefit of gelatin?  The gelatin is the main reason I make these for my kids (and me), here’s why:

The gelatin is filled with high quality protein, will be aiding their digestive tracks because it strengthens their gut which increases their nutritional intake, is filled with collagen which builds beautiful skin, thick hair and strong nails (Seriously, when I eat these my nails get like rocks) AND amino acids which increase metabolism and balances hormones.  We are BIG gelatin fans over here.  We used to add it to our tea, but have been looking for other forms, and this one takes the cake!  Gelatin, SUPERFOOD extraordinaire!

Any juice will do, but the pomegranates pack a nutritional punch, (I just juiced it with a citrus juicer) and the squeeze of lemon is detoxifying, cleansing and adds a good flavor.



You can store them in a little jar, or tupperware for up to 2 weeks, if they last that long, and enjoy!

If you’re trying to feed your kids healthy in a fake food, sugar rich world, it’s good to have some ‘fun’ snacks ready to compete, and not always be the mom with the cucumber slices 😉  Make sure you are eating these, too!


If you make them, tell me what you think!

Pin them for later here—>http://www.pinterest.com/pin/181762534936632760/



To order OnGuard Essential Oil, shop here.





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  • Kelly Wright November 4, 2014, 2:04 pm

    This is great! I am so excited to make them. A couple of questions—- how long do they last? How long can you store them and what is the best way? Is it best to give the kids one every day over a long period of time, or better to give them a handful whenever you make a batch? Thank you!

  • Crystal November 23, 2014, 9:48 am

    Can you double the recipe?

  • Lisa April 7, 2019, 4:02 pm

    I made this yesterday and my kids love them, but I have to leave them in the freezer because they are super sticky.
    What can I do to fix this

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