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Kombucha Kits for All!

Andrew and I have been having a good time packing and shipping our organic Kombucha Kits for people around the country; Wyoming, Texas, Arizona.  We include everything needed, with our DIY Post, to make the first batch fun and easy.   Nothing feels better than spreading goodness and health to people making an important step towards natural living and healing.

Two days ago, I woke up with a TERRIBLE sore throat, “I’M SICK!” I realized.  Andrew brought me a glass of Kombucha, I not only got right out of bed, but my throat was cured, not masked like with juice, but I didn’t get sick at all.

Our Kombucha Kit includes everything you need to start your first batch.

-1 organic living scoby

-1 cup organic evaporated cane juice

-8 bags of organic black tea

-live brewing liquids to start batch


“Hi Mom!” from your new scoby–and all the supplies needed for their first batch. The scoby is pretty incredible, not just for the health benefits, but because after each batch, it recreates a new scoby for the next batch!!!!!!!  It will not need to be replaced as you brew batch to batch, which is pretty rad, it just grows healthier each time.  (And the ones we ship are very healthy. )

Nothing like spreading goodness and health to bring a little one home!

If you would like to stop paying for expensive kombucha at the store, and we would like to easily create your own to have on hand for your family at any time, email me amy@tinygreenelephants.com and we can ship you your own kombucha kit.  Feel the goodness in your body!




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  • Melissa August 26, 2014, 2:14 pm

    I drank kombucha from the health food store, but it was too acidic for me (I have to drink fruit juices sparingly and a glass of lemonade or orange juice would put me in the hospital). However I understand there are many health benefits to kombucha. Any suggestions or am I out of luck?

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