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DIY Delicious Cashew Cheese! {YUM!}

Wow, cashew cheese.  We put it on everything.  Macaroni has purpose, pizza feels fresher, kids lick their spoons while our bodies are nourished and our stomachs write us thank you notes.  Vegan and dairy free.

Dairy free, does our bodies good.  I recently shared our DIY Almond Milk recipe, which has been such a perfect fit for our family.  Last night when the kids were sleeping, I poured a handful of almonds in a bowl and covered them with water.  While the eggs cooked in the morning crispy on the stove, the kids just waking up, I popped the soaked almonds into the blender with water and some vanilla and we had a fresh batch of milk ready for them.  I use the foam on my tea.

Well, today I am sharing our dairy free cheese recipe–it’s so good.  Wonderful, you will want to put it on anything everything.  It makes life easier, and healthier, I’ll explain after the recipe, but just know, it’s a crowd pleaser.



Good for your heart, helps your body process antioxidants, lasts a long time, and so easy that’s it’s almost silly.

Plus–did I mention, delicious?


1 cup cashews soaked overnight

1/4 cup filtered water

A squeeze of lemon

Pinch of Salt

{Optional: 1/2 garlic clove, unless you have picky eaters.  They will LOVE the plain version.}



Rinse your cashews and put them in the blender.



Add the water, lemon, salt, garlic and watch it turn into buttery, luxurious goodness.  It’s so easy you may need to bake a cake or something since you scheduled time in your kitchen, and you’re done, but on a roll.  Otherwise…


Just enjoy, because look:



Cashew Cheese. So good, you might cry.

Perfect for a last minute lunch:  Boil some pasta and broccoli together.  After you drain, slather some refrigerated cashew cheese on the steaming noodles and veggies and you are ready for an amazing, fancy, 5 star lunch that your kids will devour.  No creepy dairy side effects, doesn’t cause cancer like Kraft 😉


We put it on all sorts of things, dresses up any meal.

Here’s my encouragement to you:  Maybe you haven’t tried anything like this, maybe you’ve wanted to make healthy changes but feel overwhelmed: try this recipe, start small and see how you feel, see if you enjoy it.  It will be easier than you think, and maybe better.  Maybe kraft boxes will fill your trash cans, and your stomach and gut will process other foods more efficiently, crazier things have happened 🙂

Sometimes one small step towards health is the good kind of contagious and leads to another.



Pin for later—->http://www.pinterest.com/pin/181762534936028327/



If you try this recipe at home, show us your recipes you create with it!  Take a picture of your little ones or your or the meal and hashtag #TGECashewCheese  We will want to try all the recipes you come up with and learn from one another.


Enjoy and hugs!  xoxo


#VivaHEALTH!  #VivaYummy!

How about you?  Are you a cheese lover?  Could never give it up?  Have you tried cashew cheese, what do you add to it?  What’s your best recipe using it!?

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  • Julia July 15, 2014, 12:09 pm

    Seriously, are you planning to, or working on a book on the side? Because you really need to be! I love the way you write, but I am also really enjoying all the healthfood posts too. I’ve recently accidentally fasted for several weeks (dealing with severe anxiety and insomnia and temporary anorexia as a result of my body not agreeing with ANYTHING I was doing) and am on the mend now, but since I sort of “cleansed” by mistake, I am REFUSING to reintroduce many things into my diet. and I would like to try cutting dairy completely (I already love Almond milk, so that one isn’t hard!) and maybe gluten too. I wish I had a garden of my own – I LOVE veggies.

    Anyhow, I am drinking some kombucha as I type this and am going to look into your starter kit to help bring home your daughter. But I would also TOTALLY buy a book (an e-book? Amazon?!) if you made one – I know you travel THIS year, so the book idea might be a bit late to help bring baby girl home… but seriously, WRITE ONE!!! Write one about health, or about adoption or about the amazing way life has changed (could I love your Maria any more??) the way you do in this blog. You have a way with words!!

    Thank you so much for continuing to share. I hope I am able to help support just a bit in bring home the next addition to your lovely family.

  • Kristin July 15, 2014, 1:09 pm

    I’m intrigued! Willing to give it a try… You mentioned pizza? How does this work with a recipe like pizza? Thanks for your input and encouragement! 😀

  • Jenny July 15, 2014, 5:23 pm

    Love it!! Where is your favorite place to get good nuts or do you just buy bulk at the grocery store?

  • pat July 15, 2014, 6:00 pm

    I want to make this cheese for me! My daughter is allergic to tree nuts wish she was not.

  • Kelly Bryson July 18, 2014, 12:11 pm

    Awesome!! You can also add Nutritional Yeast (maybe 1/4 cup) to make it cheesier tasting, and if you want it more liquid, you can add a little bit of your homemade almond milk! So impressed with how you’re feeding your kids natural foods that they love!