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Sensory Smart Easter Egg Coloring


This was such a fun activity, all three of my kids got in on it.  It colored the eggs nicely, and they were quietly intrigued by the colorful foam they could dive their hands into.


While it was good for all my kids, it was especially good for the one who needs extra sensory therapy on his road towards healing (that he is rocking!)



Although, as usual, he was leery of any foreign substance on his hands.IMG_4061

“Why do these people keep doing this to me….”  (Note the eyebrows)IMG_4079


“On second thought…this is extremely enjoyable…I suppose I can mix this up to incorporate the color” direct quoteIMG_4080

Then…they got into it!  It was really fun to watch and be a part of.IMG_4084


Like, way into it.IMG_4104 

The directions are easy:

-Fill any sort of medium sized container that has low edges up with shaving cream (We got whatever was cheapest)

-Drop food coloring, about 5 drops, around the surface of the shaving cream.  We gave each kid one color, then switched containers if they wanted a change.

-Ask kids to mix it up!



Fun for all ages.IMG_4087

IMG_4089 IMG_4097 IMG_4106

-Put the eggs in, one or two at a time.  The kids will roll them around and squish the foam on them.IMG_4113

-When the eggs are colorful and foamy, let them sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse in a colander.

Be sure to give them to the Easter Bunny for him to hide, and enjoy!

IMG_4136 IMG_4138

We are seriously going to be using this kind of play all through the year, however I can incorporate it because it was so fun!

Pin for next year—-> http://www.pinterest.com/pin/181762534935645501/IMG_4106.jpg


Additional Fun:  Bunny Pancakes!  (How did this happen!?)

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