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Noonday! {sample sale}

When Andrew and I first came home from Russia, it was hard to reenter American life, knowing and seeing, holding and loving people who live in such daily suffering. While loving the heck out of our kids, in my heart I also wanted to do something more, something that is helping women and children living in vulnerable situations due to poverty.  I couldn’t travel right then, but what could I do?

It was shorty after I heard about Noonday and what they are doing in poor communities.  And what I found out was, Noonday is in many ways, making a stronger, longer lasting, higher quality impact than various things I have seen in the past.  The founder was adopting from Uganda and while there, met a couple, Jalia and Daniel, who didn’t have enough money to put food on their table.  Noonday was born when the first few pieces of handmade jewelry were sold in America, made by Jalia and Daniel, this was the first chapter.   Jalia and Daniel and their five children now live in a home, their children are in school, and they employ over….

90 people!!

While I was in Kenya, I saw so many children walking around the streets during the day.  When I asked why, I found out that public schools required a uniform, a few dollars, and most kids couldn’t afford it, voiding their ability to go to school.  ….what the heck!?

Studies show that empowering women in particular does something powerful to a society.  Families remain in tact, children become educated, medical care and food are taken care of.  This is where we want to make an impact.


Noonday is now in 10 countries, employing artisans giving them income and hope. Watch this quick video to see the faces of Noonday, because Noonday is people, and now you can meet them-

(It’s awesome!)

When I heard that you could do trunk shows for adopting families and have the proceeds go to their adoption agencies, I decided to become an ambassador for them.  What a perfect way to be able to actively support family and friends going through adoption.  Since then I have done 6 adoption trunk shows, such an honor (and always the most fun!!  Wahoo!)

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 1.03.08 PM

And while supporting children coming into families, each person I could connect with Noonday was also creating pathways out of poverty by providing people with a job, using their purchasing power for good.  I love that Noonday is not a charity, but a job, an opportunity for people to make life long changes for themselves.

Everyone flips over Noonday, because it is gorgeous.  The little secret is that the designer also works for Anthropologie and travels to work with the artisans to create styles that American women want to buy.

Ah…anthropolgie style that changes lives, that prevents orphans and keeps families intact, that gives healthy, dignified work, all while I get to hang out with people and eat snacks while we try them all on at trunk shows. Its the best.

If you are local and want to host a trunk show or if you are adopting, contact me:  amy@tinygreenelephants.com

Go see how unique, beautiful and one of a kind Noonday is here, you can shop online, send a link to hubby of something you want for V-day: http://amybrockhaus.noondaycollection.com/

One of my absolute favorite aspects of Noonday is the materials they use.  It’s all eco friendly using what they have on hand.  For instance, in Rwanda, most of the pieces are made from recycled bullets and artillery that is dug out of war torn ground, melted down and made into something new, gorgeous, beauty from ashes.  Ecuador pieces crafted from nuts and seeds, Uganda, recycled paper.  This–I just die, I love it so much.  No harvesting new materials.


Ok, so here is a fun part; I am going to sell some of my samples from the fall line at a discount to readers here.  If you see something you like, you can purchase it,  by emailing me: amy@tinygreenelephants.com


Tiny Tiles Cuff.  *SOLD*
Dramatic, angular diamonds streak the wrist, bringing boldness to your outfit in a neutral color wave.

This bracelet was beaded by hand in the Lago Atitlan region of Guatemala. The women go to a central meeting point to receive the beads, then they create the pieces at home, with their children playing nearby. The women are paid by piece for their work and are able to support their families while still working from home.


2.5″ diameter 2″ width fits to wrist. Composed of glass beads. Handle with care.


Original price: $44  Selling Prices: $30


Gold Deco Earrings// 22K Gold Vermiel


Original Price: $78,  Selling for $50



Clustered Earrings in Gold *Sold*

Gold nuggets nestle inside a classic hoop earring for a hint of sparkle and sophistication.  Made {with love} in India.
-Brass, 1.75″

Original Price $32, Selling for $20

Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 3.23.29 PM


Acai Ombre Necklace.  *Sold*

Made in Ecuador from Acai Seeds.

IMG_2733Original Price $39, Selling for $30



Many Ways Bad *Personal Fave*

A clutch? A cross shoulder? Leather or hand-woven ikat? However you want, wherever you want, this bag is as versatile as your imagination.

Handmade in Guatemala.  See it here.

Price $78.  Selling it for $60



Mediterranean Sea Earrings// Made {with love} in India. *Sold*


Original Price $32, Selling for $25



Jen Hatmaker has a quote about how if it weren’t for Noonday, she would own no jewelry.  That when she wears it, people literally fall down on their faces to tell her how much they love it.  It’s pretty much true.

 When people comment on mine, I usually take the time to tell them about the artisans, a moment to advocate.

Check it out, an otherwise boring outfit is now crazy cute because of two pieces of Noonday {and a Russian}




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