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Sunday Randoms

We got our tree today!  Wahoo!  That’s pretty early for us.  Kids do that to you, I guess.  There was a big blow up Santa the boys kept hugging, then getting leery of, then hugging…

photo 3

Success, we got a cute tree!  The kids are SO excited!

Maria and I went to Ikea yesterday to find bunk beds for when J is here from the Philippines, then the boys can use them (eventually…)

You know when you walk into Ikea and you’re like, “YEAH!  Awesome, let’s do this!  So Swedish, so cheap, cute curtains!!”

Then an hour later, you’re still winding around and find yourself in this bright lights section, no end in sight, and you forgot why you came, and don’t like anything…

End up feeling like this…photo 2But we got the beds, super cheap and I got Maria some mommy/baby fox toy for like 2 bucks.  The kids love them, and Maria talks with them to the boys all the time;

“Hi Finley, was your name?”


“What you like to eat, I am a fox.”

“I like to eat cereal” (All in the world’s cutest voices)

photo 4

The kids watched their first ever Christmas movie last night.  Elf.  Can you believe that movie is ten years old?  Maria about died of laughter, could not believe there could be anyone as hilarious as buddy, “He so NICE mama!”photo 5

“Santa!?  I KNOW HIM!”


We just got a box of Donsuemor treats, Madeline’s and biscotti…

I was thinking about putting them in stockings…then they were all gone, shoot! 😉  But seriously, Madeline’s are just the yummiest, ever.  Maria and I had a tea party because she loves tea.  We shared some from a Davidson’s Holiday Tea Sampler (Which is going in her stocking!) and she thought it was so cool.  She likes tea better than Hot Cocoa, even!

photo 1Chocolate dipped…. omg.

Another gifty going in her stocking is Snails.  Maria and I aren’t too into primping, but these seemed right because they are washable, non toxic and ALL NATURAL!  Plus, it washes with soap which I love most, because I don’t like using nail polish remover, especially on kids.

photo (12)

And lastly, Happy World Aids DAY!

TRUTH: There are only three ways to contract the HIV virus:
+ Unprotected sex with an infected person
+ Sharing of intravenous needles or other sharp objects where blood is present
+ Mother to infant during birth or breastfeeding


Don’t be afraid, just love!

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  • Kerry December 2, 2013, 10:09 am

    I love that picture of the kids on the sofa watching the movie! The kids’ enthusiasm really does make the holiday season bright. Love this family!!!!!

  • Annette Paulsen December 2, 2013, 3:24 pm

    Madeleines are very simple to make. You can find the pans which make the distinctive shell shape at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond. I got one for Christmas last year. They make awesome gifts. I would be happy to send one to Maria for Christmas.

  • kimberly December 4, 2013, 4:44 am

    TOTALLY understand the whole IKEA thing! Almost peed my pants I laughed so hard at that. So funny!! Please share where you found your Snails. I have a 12 yo, 7 yo and 4 yo princess who would just die for nail polish in their stockings. I could only find it online and the price is in euros (what s that calculation anyways) and as much to ship as the product itself. Does Maria have any American Girl books? They are pretty good.