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Some broken down teeth…

A few days ago, we took J to get a routine dental cleaning while she is here. When the hygienist looked in her mouth, she was speechless at the amount of decay and need of care. When I looked I couldn’t believe it either and remembered she has only been wanting soft foods, and couldn’t even eat cereal, now we knew why. The dentist took x-rays and shook his head, trying to figure out where to start.

I started getting worried about the best thing to do for her, she obviously isn’t getting the care she needs back home, but to care for them here seemed enormous, we weren’t sure what to do.  I posted on our Facebook, asking for prayer, and so many kind people said they would.
Later that same day, I was contacted by a dentist, Family Dental of San Marcos, and they told us they wanted to help J with all of her dental needs; the multiple fillings, root canals in areas where the tooth is almost decayed completely away and causing her pain, the broken pieces of baby teeth poking into her cheek…
For free.
I’m talking major dental care that J would never otherwise have access to–on her permanent, forever teeth.
A HUGE, huge gift to one little girl, and us.
When J goes home, she will have a perfectly healthy mouth, free to eat and live life! Her first appointment was today, extractions of baby tooth fragments poking into her cheek. Tonight at dinner, she gave us a huge thumbs up while chewing, “No ouchy! Good!”
I seriously can’t even believe it, and feel so excited to see her time here with so much healing!  Thank you to those who prayed and cared about this little sweetie bug!


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