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“But, don’t you want to adopt a baby?”

“Oh my, don’t you want to adopt a baby?”

How old is she?

“Why not adopt a baby, you are young, and well, so are babies.”

Was the logic we were told.

“Вы должны усыновить ребенка” the Russian babushkas told us with our teeny tiny girl by our side, clutching our hand in both of hers, staring up into our eyes.

Well, sorry advice givers.  Turns out, we were right on target.

{Mama and Maria errands this week while ‘the babies’ napped}                                         {Seriously, how cute!? We got that hat}

photo (13)We went to the thrift shop and got THREE new pairs of jeans for her in her growing size, $9 total, like new.  We love our thrift store, they give free books to kids.  She got a picture chapter book, Little Women, this visit.

She helped me grocery shop, and buy tooth paste for the boys at Family Dollar.  Helped me with every darn thing, joyfully, my sweet buddy, “I can push the cart mama, I can help with this mama.”  I am going to be so sad when she has to go back to school this week.

Babies are fine, I pretty much have two, loads of work–my poor back.  Physical labor with the diapers and the lifting in and out of cribs, and the car seats, etc.  Maria is bright and happy, helpful, kind, still young in many sweet ways with her desire for toys and cozy time at home.

A creative playmate, creating games on the spot, ones for the sole purpose of delighting and encouraging younger brothers.


She doesn’t need all the gear a baby needs, no strollers or boppies, no late night feedings, but maybe an old math workbook, and a little help.  A ride to school and a kiss each morning.  To be tucked in at night.  A reminder to take a shower.


While the boys nap, Maria and mama can go to baby showers with other ladies on the weekends, drink tea and eat cake with friends.


So, to answer those questions, I appreciate your advice, babies are cute, and I am sure it came from a good place, but, God had something else in mind.  Turns out, he’s pretty smart, and good.

And this is totally the best 🙂

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  • Lucy Pressnell December 2, 2013, 4:06 pm

    I am so, so thankful I found your blog. You have been such an encouragement to me and a huge source of inspiration in my husband’s and my decision to begin the process of adopting a child from India. I thank God for you and your family!

  • Rosedel December 3, 2013, 12:02 pm

    Amy, did you get a box from Delaware?