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Pics from Connie’s Shower

Cause there was no way we were going to let her get married without a shower–I mean…

It was simple, you could bring your kids, everyone brought a dessert to share.  Fifties housewife theme, just for fun.  Not going to lie, I played Christmas music.

I think Connie loved it, we all did.

Everyone’s got a new born, or one on the way, or is adopting or hosting and has a million things, but everyone came together and pitched in to make it special, and beautiful.

“My mom’s so pretty” -lalo

Props to the gift people, these were gorgeous!

Look how cute she looked in her apron!

I’m a cute ham!
Now let’s bring on the wedding!

We love you Connie and Eddie, será un día para recordar para simpre.
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