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La Boda de Connie

The big day.

Such a big day for many.

Connie and Eddie’s wedding day!  We love love.

Over the summer months, twenty or so of us gathered together for a bible study.  We read a book about marriage, the literal last book I wanted to read.  I wanted to read something exciting, like Radical, about, well, I don’t know, we didn’t read it…

So we all delved into the book with the back lit, 80’s clasped hands on the cover, “How to love your Husband.”  Turns out, it changed us, as we came each week, surprised at the hidden truths we tried, and the sweet results.  Like how we literally thought things like submission would equal our actual death in a specific situation, but it ended up bringing us closer, focusing more on the person, than winning.  We learned God cared more about our hearts than anything else.

The first night one of my closest friends, looking at her hands, “Thanks for letting me come guys, even though I don’t have a husband…”

“What!?  News flash, no one cares…”

“Well, I do, sometimes I feel guilty…”

“Guilt is crap.  Do you want to get married?”  We talked and talked, she did, it’s just such a big deal.  “Let’s just pick a date, everyone will help.  Kathleen is in rings you know.  Kahea makes cakes, Mindy flowers.  I’ll take your pictures if you want, even though I don’t want to, I just want to celebrate…”

Throughout the summer, it was her who often brought the best truths, most humble wisdom, a respect for God’s word that inspired everyone.

And everyone did a little, and it was gorgeous.

Mindy and Danielle turned the wedding into a garden, a real, beautiful garden.

Right before the wedding, “Quick, wipe the food off the boy’s faces, I think I should get there early, I have to take the pics, I mean, right?  Get there early?”

The 5 of us rushed in 15 minutes before the start of the wedding, the boy’s wild blonde hair matted down as best as possible.

And no one was there yet, except the groom, “Wassup guys!”

“Oh yeah!” Andrew and I laughed.  These guys know how to do a wedding, flexible time schedules, everyone can bring their kids, happy and chill.

I think my kids had the day and night of their lives.  Seriously.

Elijah and Maria’s first horchata, plates full of chips and carne asada, everyone’s first dancing to disco lights and fog machines, and playing with new friends.  They even sat through an entire ceremony.

Two two year olds, wedding ceremony.  Imma let that marinate…

Finley eyeing the horchata and jamaica Maria was pouring.

Pastor Ray and his family, the Spanish pastor at our church cruised in an hour after the start time with many other guests, right on time.

 An hour and a half or so after the start time of the wedding, it was time to start.

The three flower girls walked out in their dresses with their flowers, beaming at all the eyes because of their sweet beauty.

“Pssst…my mommy and daddy are getting married, ’cause they love each other!!”

“Forever and ever….amen!”
Wahoo!  Hurray!  Connie looks like and angel, no?


The sweet family

After the ceremony, it was snack time.

Elijah’s first horchata.  I think he wished for an elephant trunk to slurp it all up.  Cinnamon cream, warm like Christmas morning.  
Welcome to Southern California little boy.

Kahea arrived with the cake, service with a smile.  It was gorgeous and all the kids started eying it immediately //  www.kmcakery.com  
(She’s an actual artist, who makes cakes)


Arroz, carne asada y frijoles
Elijah and his homies
Maria and Kahea helping Connie with the money dance

Sweet mama and boy

Meanwhile outside, the kids were playing their hearts out in the alley.

Senior Popular, como siempre.

Playing popular games, such as, running…

Little dress shoes clackety clacking up and down the worn, cement floor.

// Reception //
Now it was time for the adults to do the running.  The women hoisted Connie in the air while we raced around her, some trying to knock her down.

Maria held onto my dress tightly as she ran to keep up.

Then it was the men’s turn.  They yanked off Eddie’s shoes and he went up in the air, too.

…while the little boys sipped Martinelli’s.

“Mo’!” -Elijah’s phrase for the night

I saw Finley reach for a soda while I took pictures of the cake, but a little abuelita smiled at him while taking it away and gave him a chip.  It made me smile, and reminded me of our time in Ecuador where there was such a strong sense of community, and everyone cared about each other’s kids, and didn’t flip in case of a chip allergy 😉

Que familia mas hermosa.
Then, to the delighted squeals of all the children, it was time to cut the cake.
The music started pumping, as more and more guests arrived.

Elijah’s Victory Dance
Werk it
We stayed late and danced and danced.  Finley made friends and played hide and seek, Elijah was transfixed by the fog machine, and Maria gushed about the mariachi music, “I like this music, Mama!”
We love you guys, you guys are amazing!

El amor nunca se da por vencido.
El amor se preocupa más por los demás que por sí mismo.
El amor no quiere lo que no tiene.
El amor no puntal,
No tiene una cabeza hinchada,
No se impone sobre los demás,
No siempre es “yo primero”
No perder los estribos,
No llevar la cuenta de los pecados de los demás,
No se deleitan cuando otros arrastran,
Toma placer en el florecimiento de la verdad,
Pone a nada,
Confía en Dios siempre,
Siempre busca lo mejor,
Nunca mira hacia atrás,
Pero sigue pasando hasta el final.

-Leido por Maria, la mama de Eddie-

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  • lisa November 21, 2013, 2:44 am

    Every time I see your children it takes my breath away – they are each so very beautiful.

    • tinyteam November 28, 2013, 1:21 pm

      Thank you. They are a blessing and joy.

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