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I mean, what’s four more, right?

On Saturday we decided we needed four more.

I mean, if we already have the coop right?

When we told the kids, the squealed the whole way to the feed store.  Two brown, two yellow, baby chicks.

The first time we brought chicks home, the kids were apprehensive with them, we had them sit, and gently placed them with their downy feathers and pokey feet on their laps, while the kids held their hands in tight balls close to their bodies, ready to bolt any second, as the chicks tip toed on their legs.

But this time, they showed their marks as true chicken handlers, chicken lovers, scooping them up right away, holding them the right way, two hands around the wings.

These sweet little girls are already well loved.
We told each kid they could name one of the chicks.
Finley named first, spouting out his name immediately, which surprised me.
“I name this one, Miss Sharwah!” he told us, decided.
“Miss Sharla?” we asked.
“Yep!” he told us, kissing her.
Miss Sharla is Elijah’s speech therapist.  Who brings trucks, so obviously.
Maria named hers Louise, which is both of our middle names.
“That’s good, right mama?”
Prefect!” I told her.
We take careful care to bolster her confidence in decision making.

We needed to fix up our old brooder,
Elijah was kind enough to let papa help him fix it for the chicks.
“Like this, Papa…Hmm, well, good try…”
We have to wait until they are grown before we mix them with our other girls.

When we asked Elijah what he wanted to name his, he replied, “I-uh-know.” (He most used phrase 😉

So Finley picked Yuki, after the beloved OT who brings the wheel board, and finally, Miss Kim, infant educator.  I guess the teachers are  big deal to the boys, them and their bags of cool toys.

“Mama, you see Miss Sharwah…she so cuuuute!!”
Andrew thinks naming a chicken Miss Sharla is the cutest name ever.
Miss Sharla and Yuki are both Amerucanas, and Louise and Miss Kim are Buff Orpingtons.
We will get multicolored eggs soon 
Ok, or eventually.  Our other chickens really only just started laying.
We are looking forward to producing more eggs.  We get about 4 a day, which is still really fun and exciting to creak open the wooden nesting box, the kids on tip toes looking in to see if maybe, just maybe…
The most useful little presents to us from our chickens.
  Elijah can eat all four of them for breakfast.
Fresh eggs taste differently than store bought, much better, richer, fresher.
We’re excited to share some with friends soon as our chicks grow.
Chickens are still the coolest pets, and all our little friends just love them, too.  We think it’s an enriching part of life to care for such neat animals.
Yesterday I was making muffins, all the ingredients churning in the mixer while the boys slept.
I got to the last couple ingredients, and one was eggs.  I had a moment of panic realizing I bought none at the store, and there was none in our box from the chickens. 
I walked back to the coop, just to see, hoping…
Sure enough, two little brown eggs waiting just for our muffins!
This flaxseed muffin recipe is so good, we put a whole yellow squash in it, and my boys had it after naps.  Delish!

They have also graduated to markers for art time.  Crayons are so last month…
A week(s?!) ago, I was in my best friend from Kinder’s wedding, it was amazing.  Her bouquet–terrible…
It was hot pink and yellow roses in a perfect ball, and many words were said, like,
“You said you wanted pink!”
“No white!”
And no refund, etc.  You know, wedding day crap.
But she let me make her bouquet for her, and she was so relieved!
“I love it!” she said, relieved.
I felt so honored to help make a special piece of her wedding day.
Look how hot she looks, right??  I know.

Lots of dancing with the closest of friends, and even some making out with this hunk
One of our favorite times as a family is later afternoon, when the sun is so close to setting, but lingering, putting off setting just a bit so we can all play.
Before dinner, after homework, everyone together.
The boys miss Maria when she’s at school.  The other day Finley cried at drop off,
“I miss Maria, causeI kind of like her…” he said as big tears dripped down his face.
Andrew and I laughed for a long time with that phrasing.
But we know what he meant, and coming from a 2 year old boy, it’s high praise. 
Who can blame him? 🙂

I kind of think every little one needs a big sister like Maria.
Because life is better when we are all together.

There is nothing quite like wheel barrow rides with blankets she arranged for them from her own bed.

She is very creative with her play, I think that is one of the happy results of not growing up with many toys.  She organized a wheelbarrow race with her, the boys and a bear.  The kind of race where everyone wins.

We have been harvesting and planting recently.
Andrew bought me a Pakinsani Mulberry tree. 
I guess he knows my love language 🙂

Our little ones love our fig trees which always seem to have a fruit for them for dessert each night, the yummiest of treats.

Our Auction to help bring home 4 orphans ends TOMORROW night, 10pm.
It has been really fun, and there are still a couple of amazing items with no bids.  
Please help us end well, boost up the bids, share with friends!
Can’t wait for these 4 kids to be home, such amazing children who hold back tears when they talk to their parents on the phone.
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  • Jolene October 1, 2013, 10:50 pm

    For the longest time I wanted backyard chickens….and now? Well, our sweet wee one is allergic to eggs! So, we use flaxseed for most baking…I’m still learning vegan baking but its fun to experiment!

  • Kimmie October 1, 2013, 10:51 pm


  • Katie October 1, 2013, 11:05 pm

    Dearest Amy, You are not allowed to name posts that way unless you are adopting four more kids. I totally flipped out until I realized you were talking about chickens, LOL.

    • The Tiny Team October 3, 2013, 5:17 am

      HAHAHHA! Lol, sorry for the mix up! Oh how i wish it could be little people 🙂

  • Autumn October 2, 2013, 3:05 am

    The change in Elijah causes me pause every blog entry I read. His little smile is such a testament to the redemptive power of love!

  • daniellem02 October 3, 2013, 4:53 pm

    We had araucanas when I was a kid! So much fun!

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