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A Look into Orphan Hosting: Alex

“Well, we saw the picture, and thought, well, we can host him.  We were thinking about going to Hawaii, but thought we could put it off, you know?”

Mary and her husband raised two sons who are just leaving home, so they had good reason to be going to Hawaii.  But they decided to invest in a little life instead this summer.

“Why not?”

14 year old Alex has grown up his whole life in an orphanage.  He has never know the love of a parent, well, until he met Mary and Steve.

But wait, let me tell you how she was feeling before Alex got here, when he was still just one picture of a smiling orphan staring back at her.

Hosting an orphan has unknowns, right?  Plus, how would they communicate, she wondered, so she told me, “Ok, so we will have to get together a lot, we have a pool so bring the kids, because I don’t really know what I am getting myself into, right?” she asked me.

Me: “A pool?  We’ll be there…”  and I really prepared to be there.  Well, turns out, they didn’t even need us….

Fast forward like all the weeks that he has been here, and these are all the pictures I saw being posted, (no texts asking for help…) turns out, they were having the time of their lives…

At the Del Mar Races
Loving the family dogs
Swimming in the family pool
San Diego Zoo, with two people who, for the very first time, love this little boy so much!
Their two sons came over often to spend time with Alex, and treated him like a brother which was a huge blessing to everyone.  Mary said she was proud of her sons, and saw Alex bringing them all together in sweet ways.

Then FINALLY….we finally got the invite!  (lol, I am just giving Mary a hard time 😉

Pool Party!!  Vlad and his host family, and some other friends of ours all got together for a BBQ at the pool.

We had the BEST TIME!  
Check it out, most of these kids in the jacuzzi were born in a place where they were rejected and unloved, and now, here they are, having soda, pizza, hamburgers, holding and loving siblings, and most of all, and for the first time, they are surrounded by people who love them and who call them their own.  It was so. much. fun!

I think that’s how it is with orphans, they just surprise you.  You may have ideas in your head, the few stories the the news latches onto, and maybe forgetting that they are just, you know, people.  Kids.  Who are wonderful.  These two teens boys were kind, respectful, helpful…I mean, just amazing.

Mary said that 14 year old Alex’s all time favorite thing to do was: play Legos.  He could play legos for hours, which is a common theme for older orphans; allowing them to be little because they never before had the chance.

Here is host mama Mary in her own words:
We found out about hosting in June and we picked up Alex in July.  
He stepped of the plane and gave us a cautious smile. 
We had a blast for 5 weeks.  We saw and did so many things.  
But I believe that hanging out with my husband and me were some of his best times… just roasting marshmallows. He loved being with our 19 and 21 yr old sons.  They truly bonded!  

I can’t wait to get him back here so I can hug him and squeeze him and give him a forever family that he so yearns for!  He is an intelligent boy,  he wants to be an architect!  God has truly blessed us! We can’t wait to bring him home!
Thank you so much for sharing, Mary!
YEP!  They are adopting him!!!

You guys, a 14 year old boy, probably the last most would want to pick, is picked!  He is chosen for a family, all his own!

Can you believe it!  Alex gets his very own family, and two big brothers, dogs and two parents who will love him–and make him go to school (hehe)
Alex, you are loved and are a bigger blessing than you even know!

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  • Amanda Parker September 30, 2013, 2:56 am

    Aww LOVE these happy endings! Yay Alex!!!

  • Enchanted Moments September 30, 2013, 4:40 am

    These posts bring tears to my eyes and make my heart go tight…..I hope he gets his family…and know what it is to be loved….

  • Joolz September 30, 2013, 6:17 am

    Oh, ya gotta stop with all these gorgeous stories of hosting and adopting. They just make me cry when I get to the end and it all turns out for the best! It is like Alex is the last piece of their family puzzle. How magic that he will have those 2 big bro’s to grow up with. Seriously, these could be made into a book – The Happy Endings Book!

    Cheers – Joolz xx

  • Jenna September 30, 2013, 3:33 pm

    Can I just say how much I am enjoying this series you are doing? Seriously, it’s a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for bringing attention to these precious children!