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Kyle and Mirabel, {I would love your help}

The other night, I saw something that really, really–well…

We had done so much to push past the hurt in our hearts for children we had met, so focused on the ones in our home, the smiles, the growth, the success and fun, the kisses and ‘You’re my bestest mommy ever’s.

That’s where we live now.  Our hearts filled each day, with such love and joy and purpose and so much laughing, and the occasional mess.

Andrew and I are resolved to help other waiting children, to help friends of ours adopt, to use our time wisely, because children grow up fast, time passes quickly, and children should do that growing in love.

Everyone was crushed by the news of a selfish man banning adoptions in Russia for political reasons, how could this be?

But as time passed, the news of the Russian adoption ban faded from headlines, both here and in Russia.  And, as expected– things got worse.

I mean, obviously right.  The conditions in which children live in Russian orphanages are among the worst in the world.  Children warehoused, if they are lucky, their basic needs will be met.  But no love, no touch.  You can pay someone to feed a child, to wash a child.  But you cannot pay a person to love a child, and love, is what actually, literally makes children grow, it’s quantifiable, look at our two before a family and after, look at any.

In the months since the ban, I have heard heart braking news about what is happening over there–that they are moving children out of better facilities to terrible ones way out in the country with high mortality rates, some think it’s to make it appear that the orphanages are holding fewer children, the appearance of lower numbers.  That the already overcrowded orphanages, rooms, cribs, the ones filled with stench of neglect, of blank, precious eyes, now have more and more children, without the glimmer of hope of a ‘foreigner’ adopting.

Russia recently updated their database with new photos of the kids–for the Russian families, hoping that Russians will adopt them, even though the idea of adoption for most Russians is just not part of their culture.  There is no support even if they did…

This is Kyle.  He lives in Russia.  He has no parents to care for him, so he lived in a baby house, where he was fed, and clothed, and it looks like people even took him out to practice walking here and there.  Look at his sweet, round cheeks, so much like my two toddlers, maybe like yours too, when they were tiny.  Clinging their little fists to your fingers.

Just precious, with incredibly soulful eyes.

Sweet, full of hope, life, a gift, filled with potential.

Well, except in his country.  In Russia, his Downs syndrome is seen as a blight in the landscape.  He is seen as worthless.  No, really, do you know what that would be like to be view as having no worth?  Imagine that for a moment.

He, and thousands and thousands of children are treated the same.  In America, he would have a chance…

But no one came.

And Putin busied himself shutting their doors, locking it with a heavy lock, babies and children behind actual bars.

And Kyle didn’t know what that meant for him.

He woke up on his normal day, in his normal crib, his normal sights and smells, his normal caregivers who dressed and fed him–maybe greeting him.

But on that day, he was taken away.

At the age of four, his time was up.  So they transferred him to another place.  At an age, where if he were here, he’d be buying a back pack for his first day of preschool, but in Russia, his time was up.

They said he was better off without an American family, and put him in a place, filled with others who also have disabilities, warehoused, but this time without care, a mix of adults and children, all with needs, housed.

Because of his ‘worthlessness.’  Because no one came.

‘Better off,’ as the orphanages fill up, heavier and heavier their loads…

And when Russia updated their data base, this is the picture of Kyle that was found.

This is the same little boy.  This is Kyle.  The one who has the chubby cheeks, the one working hard to practice his walking.

And he is a real little boy, with a real heart and who really wanted love, and care, now is left to inflict wounds on himself to deal with his present reality.  ‘Worthlessness.’  The message is clear to him.

Andrew and I read, and it hurt, and it brought back hurts.  As we picked Maria up from school yesterday, who bounded joyfully into our car, Elijah clapping with glee to greet her, and we watched our two Russians, the joy they bring, how far the have grown out of the messages of ‘worthlessness’ they were taught by an orphanage…
And it hurts to see Kyle.  He is not a solitary case, but represents many, a legacy of lack of care for so, so many.

And I am wondering if you will help me.  
To honor Kyle by helping someone where the doors are not locked.  With adoption, I have learned that things can change at any time, and that time is crucial, and that kids need out.  Like yesterday would have been nice.
So Mirabel.  She has worth, right?  Let’s tell her.
This one.

Chubby baby arms, edibly sweet legs, a bright, happy face–incredible smile.  This one, yes.  This one out of the walls, and into a family?

Here’s her baby picture–stop it…
So what do you think, a $25 flash drive for her?  No really, I know, just $25.   Fill up her account to ease the burden for a family blessed enough to swoop her up?
I’ll start, today, can anyone else?  Please?
Kyle broke our heart, so Mirabel… This one has a real chance for someone to come.
This month is her birthday!
She will be 4 years old.  I mean, honestly though, who wouldn’t want a precious four year old girl in their family with that incredible smile, her dresser pack to the brim of sweet summer dresses, and a toy chest filled with dolls and Hello Kitty parifinalia.  
Kind of the best thing ever.  Princess parties fo dayyyyyz.
Her grant is actually at a really good start, almost $5,000…
If you donate, we think you are a really big deal, and I want to give you something for helping Mirabel.  So email me and tell me you did, and here’s the two things I want to give…
1.   One person will get this great print, cause it will fit…

2.  Another will get this amaze book

$25 flash drive for Mirabel.

Ways to help:

//Donate: Here

//Share the need

//Just adopt her already

//Pray for her family to find her, pray for her heart

//If you are blessed with the ability to give more, please, by all means

{One week, one girl, one chance, one family}
Putin may suck, but, we can do great things in love despite.
Because, I mean…

“I will say to the prisoners, ‘Come out in freedom,’
    and to those in darkness, ‘Come into the light.’”
 Isaiah 49:9
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  • Sally August 20, 2013, 9:35 pm

    Donated $25. Share your gifts with someone else. Happy to help in such a small way. Thank you for the opportunity! Love.

  • Josi and Dan Jacobs August 20, 2013, 11:07 pm

    Another $50 closer! No gifts please. It makes me feel so happy to support these children to get adopted. I will be praying for this little one!

  • votemom August 20, 2013, 11:30 pm

    yes, donated.
    i have a special-needs son of my heart left behind in russia. spent two years trying to bring him home but their government said NO. he will be 16 years old this fall. i donate for him. and pause to pray for both him and mirabel. please God help them feel loved by someone this day.

  • sasass August 21, 2013, 1:18 am

    I have been following many families’ adoption blogs ever since I spent a semester volunteering in an orphanage for special needs children in Chile. I have prayed over so many of these children and also for guidance as to how I could do something to help children into their forever families.

    I just launched my etsy store and 50% of the sale prices go to families adopting through RR! All someone has to do is enter your families name/blog/sponsorship page or child information on the message at check out and I will be donating the money to each family each month! If anyone wants their donation to go to Mirabel they simply have to type her name in at checkout!

    Spread the message to people!

    My blog is:

    My store is at:

    Any people who purchase from me that don’t specify will just be donated to a family I feel called to give to!



  • Stephanie August 21, 2013, 6:32 am

    Mirabel has been on my heart for awhile. We adopted our 2 boys from her orphanage last year. We are in the process of adopting our Elliette now, but I know this sweet girl would be such a blessing to her family. I hope someone sees their daughter in this beautiful girl.

  • Bettina Müller August 21, 2013, 9:16 am

    Donated USD 50. No gifts please. Thank you for sharing and caring for these precious children.
    Regards from Switzerland.

  • Miriam August 21, 2013, 1:37 pm

    Donated $25 to Mirabel’s fund. Thank you for the reminder & the prompting. Those photos of Kyle are just heartbreaking. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just praying that God who knows the number of hairs on Kyle’s head will be with him & comfort him.

  • Se Se August 22, 2013, 1:48 pm

    Hi, I just wanted to say we were sweet Emily 15H’s Christmas Warrior family and when the doors closed in Russia we asked her fund to be reallocated to Mirabel. To us they both had the same engaging smile/giggle that only a sweet little girl has. Bless you for showing Mirabel’s face. We hope to see Mirabel adopted as a way to bring some joy to Emily’s situation.