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First Day of School! #FifthGradeROCKS!

Oh my gosh, this summer flew by, I swear.

I can’t believe she is in school right now.  First day of fifth grade.

On the way out the door to school.

When we got to school, there were so many kids, dressed up in their cute first day of school outfits.  I love public school, so many sweet families, such a variety of people {We even appreciate the moms with the Tweety Bird tattoos}

Our amazing friend Bonnie saved the day yesterday.  She asked if she could take Maria shopping for some new school clothes and she and Maria had the best time buying her new, fifth grade clothes, shoes, even some markers and the coolest lunch box!  Maria was beaming when she came home, Bonnie said it was so fun to shop with her because she is genuinely so thankful, so joyful and fun.  Thank you Bob and Bonnie so much!  It was such sweet timing too, because she had just given so many of her old clothes, now too small, to Katya and Masha, two girls being hosted form the Ukraine, teeny like she used to be. We talked about sharing with others and how God provides when she chooses to be generous.  We LOVE Bob and Bonnie so much!

When we got to school, everyone was all lined up, and we found her teacher.  She was so sweet and kind, and we even saw her best friend from last year in her class!  When Maria needed to line up, she looked nervous, “Mama, I just want you to be my teacher!” a look of worry on her face staring at the kids.

“You’re going to love your teacher,” I told her, “And look, there is Paula!”  Paula was crying too, a couple of the fifth grade girls were, and Maria walked reluctantly into line.

She waved a shy hello to Paula, glanced away and looked sad.  From my arms, Finley said loudly over the crowd, “Mama!!  MARIA SAD?!??”

“She’s just a little nervous,” I told him, as he wriggled out of my arms.

He ran staight for Maria, who was looking off into the distance, and didn’t see him.

Past all the big kids, bounding to his sister, throwing his arms wide.

“I WUV YOUUUUU MAWEA!” he yelled loudly, so all the other kids saw, and ‘awwww’ed’ at Maria’s spunky little brother, a new, proud, happy look on her face.

I went and saw the girls, and rubbed Paula’s back, “Are you girls nervous?” I asked them, they nodded, solemnly.  “Shhh, don’t tell,” I whispered, “But I used to be a teacher and the first day is all games and fun stuff, and playing with friends, and you get to eat lunch on the playground!  It’s going to be the best day ever!!”  They laughed a little, and then it was time for them to walk the line into their room.  The boys and I waved and waved, Elijah and Finley blowing kisses, Maria smiling happily over her shoulder.

We let the boys run around a bit, chatted with the principal who we love, such a good guy, and the reason she gets to be in fifth grade right now, and some of the dads we know from our church before we took the boys to go get a special treat.

As the boys shared a muffin, Finley asked,

“Elijah, are you my own, own friend?”

“YEAH!!” Elijah answered enthusiastically.

“Mama, Elijah and I are jus’ talking righ’ now.”

“Oh,” I smiled, “I am so glad.”  #futureBestMenforEachOther

Thank you Bonnie for these adorable shirts for the boys, we’re not used to seeing them so proper!

Almost time to go pick her up, can’t wait to hear all about it!


Seriously though, so proud of her.  What an incredible honor to have your daughter learn and accomplish so much to prepare her for this year of education that she would otherwise not get.  Adoption; such a joy…


Fifth Grade Rocks!

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  • RiverOwl August 19, 2013, 9:33 pm

    Oh, Maria just makes my heart clench!!! Best of luck to her, I’m sure she’ll be fabulous!!

  • teresa August 19, 2013, 10:48 pm

    I was always sooooo nervous on the first day of school … actually, make that the first day of any- and every- thing. But I also LOVE how God never forgets, is always with and helps us thru-it-all.

    Praying for Maria and her dear friend, classmates, teacher and principal. How precious that she was blessed with an encouraging shopping trip.

    Love, love, love your children’s love for each other. So beautiful! And make me cry with the thought of #futureBestMenforEachOther! Thanking God for building our families.

  • Nicole August 19, 2013, 11:32 pm

    Those pics of Finley running up to Maria brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful family <3

  • Kim Yeatts August 20, 2013, 12:58 am

    So, I am reading this at almost 9 pm and I am wishing I knew how it went at school. She is precious. Love that Bonnie and Bob of yours!

  • Sally August 20, 2013, 4:00 am

    Such sweetness! Made my day too! Thank you! Happy first day of school Maria!

  • "H" August 20, 2013, 4:29 pm

    This post just brought tears to my eyes, those boys are so sweet over Maria, amazing how much she has grown, so happy to see all is well….