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Thank you for all of you who prayed, donated and supported this last week.  First with Mirabel, then with the 7 on the last two days.  I remember seeing baby Mirabel years ago when I looked at RR, and she still waited last week.  When I first blogged about her, it was so random, and it wasn’t until I saw other people rallying that I found out she had mere days before she would be transferred to a hellish institution where she would become unadoptable.

I truly thank every person who selflessly reached out to a child they have never met and absolutly changed her life.

My friend visiting her has since emailed me, has seen her again and comments just how smart she is.  “She kept smiling at me. I really think that there is a smart, aware little girl in that broken body.”

Can you imagine the life change that is about to unfold.  Imagine if that was you in that little 4 year old body about to have your life changed so much for the better.

Also, thank you for those of you who donated to the other seven children, aren’t they just precious.  Keep them in your prayers, close to your hearts.  Each one is so special and would just flourish in a family.  Don’t give up on them.

Our winners have been chosen!  At random, Molly, Cassidy and Linda are the winners, go girls!  And the child who gets the extra $300 was chosen, it is Jasmine!

Honestly, what an encouragement, thank you–from me.  It is truly such an encouragement to my heart when people dive in to band together in ways that we won’t miss, but change little lives forever.  It truly means so much to me, and I thank you as a friend!


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