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My Dad is going to be ‘Hip’ in 2013

Oh my gosh!  🙂

Sevenly just picked Reece’s Rainbow this week to fundraise for with their shirts!

So you know those last few people who you need to get gifts for who like to look good, or like to help people, or both, or just one of those–not going to lie, just got some for my brother and dad, check, check!  

Seriously, cute shirts AND Sevenly picked Maria’s best friend Kate to receive a donation if they sell enough!  She is dead last to receive one of the $1,000 grants, so please, buy a couple!  Get one for yourself too, they are the most comfy, cutest shirts.  (I am wearing one right now, and may have been wearing it yesterday too)

They are CUTE–spread the word. (Get a hoodie for your husband, brother or sister; they’re cool.  Or your 68 year old dad–he can ride it on his electric bike)

You could be cute like her!

 There are only selling for this week, up until Dec. 24–so it’s perfect timing/

This is the link to see which kids are being helped, and with each $1,000, the next child recieves $1,000 into their adoption grant which goes to the family who chooses to adopt them!  SO COOL!  Buy 10.

Because special needs children deserve to be cherished

Help me out, while looking cute.  PLEASE, I’m so sweet, and only 11, I really need a mom of my own

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  • Rebecca Higgins December 19, 2012, 6:01 pm

    Amy, I don’t know if you have had opportunity to pay much attention to international news in the last few days. Several of my Russian friends have posted about the proposed ban that is about to be passed by the Russian parliament barring American adoptions of Russian children. http://news.yahoo.com/russian-parliament-moves-ban-u-adoptions-132514956.html We need to all join forces in prayer that this will be defeated. Too many young lives hang in the balance!

  • ashley o. December 19, 2012, 7:15 pm

    Thankyou for sharing all that you do! I came across your blog through an adoption link (an amazing story that I’ve shared with several others!). Love how your sweet family is doing what God asks, and love how you share how needs are met (the box of squeezable food?! He knows :c) I also enjoyed your birthstory (I delivered unmedicated and enjoy reading others stories… I totally understand your desire to just stop mid labor!) Then I read that you started BSF this year, so did I (what better place to start then Genesis-love it!). I do some photography, cloth diaper, and believe in living in a community. I don’t garden yet, but am motivated to start this spring. Thanks again, I’ve enjoyed your blog!

  • Parrish December 19, 2012, 7:55 pm

    Done! Thanks for sharing.

  • Alicia December 21, 2012, 5:50 am

    I just read an article about Moscow passing a law that will ban adoption by Americans. I am wondering if you have any inside information on this. Will this affect others who are supposed to be picking up kiddos soon? Your blog has caused me to be in prayer for those kiddos and if this passes, then what?! My heart just breaks. 🙁

  • The Shepherds December 21, 2012, 8:41 pm

    Just ordered one and sent about 30 emails out to guide people that way! Thanks!!