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Yes and Hurray!  

Oooo boy it’s been a good week or two, so so good I can barely take it, seriously.  Lot’s of great email conversations(!!!), some amazing things came in the mail, got to skyp with a mama who left to meet her baby girl in the same city our two are in!  They had an amazing trip, and wow, their baby is maybe the cutest baby ever…  No seriously, sometimes children with Ds are really just the cutest in general, but little Ava, oh my gosh…

We’ve been doing a lot of this:

bundling up and running through open fields.  I seriously, seriously love fall.

On Saturday, a friend invited me to her neighborhood’s garage sale with her, “Sure!” I said.  She made coffee for Mindy and I and then we headed out while our husbands and babies slept.  I needed a bookcase for Maria’s room.  The first house we pulled up to had a PERFECT, tall and thin book case, “Ten dollars,” they said.  “Yes please!”  My sweet husband even painted it green over the weekend, it looks SO cute!  (Pictures soon!)

Then I saw this wooden set of word builders with pictures (Pictures are huge for language learners) and thought it would be perfect for our little girl since it’s visual and kinesthetic, English alphabet, my inner teacher was so excited.

Turns out, Finley LOVES it too, and he’s learning to build words and sound them out!  How cool is that?  Little blessings in the adoption process, blessings in already starting to share with siblings.

(Side note, I recently made a special trip to anthropology to check out their shelf brackets, and walked out empty handed seeing they were $12 each, and you would need two!  Guess what?  At the garage sale, someone was selling the SAME brackets for….  $1 each, with their $12 tags on!  $2 I can do.  What a coincidence, huh? haha 😉

We sold our composter, our trash compactor, and a dresser already!  YES!  More space.

In our little adoption community, we decided to do secret sisters, and send one another letters and a little gift to encourage one another, and look at these amazing, personalized bags mine sent me!  They can use them for trick or treating, but Finley likes to just use them for anything.  Thank you secret sister, I will never be as crafty as you! 


Finley and I went to our mail box, and he helped me pick up some packages that were sent our way.  The contents of these packages are for little faces, tucked away behind doors, behind walls, behind bars of cribs, shut away.  Picking up packages sent from people who see these kids, and love them, what it does for our hearts….not much compares.  This is a special season.

“Excuse me ma’am but these are important packages, k?”

 One family filled a box to the brim of jackets, clothes, toys, games, school supplies, I mean, really you name it.  I can’t even imagine the looks on those faces next week…

And Maria’s friend Kate, got a package just for her.  Look!!

I was just emailing a friend the other day, asking for prayer for Kate.  I shared with her, how sweet and shy she was.  How she wouldn’t bounce around for our attention, and when we showed her attention, she was actually surprised.  She was quick and humble to obey.  I honestly don’t think she has ever been special to anyone before in her life…

Little does she know, she is loved.  How much they all are.

Yep, mama.  It’s soft enough, consider this toy officially tested!  (Check out his shirt 😉

We are officially at max capacity of physical donations we can bring with us, but if anyone would like, we can take a monetary donation, and buy supplies in country for either the babies or big kids, whichever you like!  We’ve actually already been sent $300 to do just that, how cool, right?  Last time someone sent $120 and it filled a whole CART of supplies!  I also like to think of it as a little boost to their economy in the process.

Good bye for now, have a wonderful weekend!

The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.  / /Isaiah 58:11/ /

(Please visit this blog for sweet Adalyn.  Her family is trying to adopt her as soon as possible, she has a cleft palate, and her orphanage doesn’t have the right feeding equipment, because of this, she is wasting away!  🙁 Please pray, please donate to them:  http://eightwasnotenough.blogspot.com/ It’s a very serious situation.)

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  • Kelly November 2, 2012, 10:40 pm

    Wow! So great!!!! I love that your blog and the readers/friends show the gospel living out. Praying for Kate often. Can you take that box with her name on it?

    I am always amazed at how you find the greatest deals. I’d love to tag along to your garage sailing (saleing?) the next time you go!

    • The Tiny Team November 3, 2012, 5:12 am

      Yes! Let’s do it! Our main one is SEH, it’s the best 😉

  • Ashley Reynoso November 3, 2012, 4:15 am

    Love what you are doing! How would you like me to send money for you to load up for the kids when your there?

  • Good Thanks November 5, 2012, 7:25 am

    I know it sounds bizarre, but I’m excitedly awaiting your return home to the US.

    Watching from afar (Australia).


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