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Getting things togetha

What have we been up to?  Well, taking a bunch of crappy iPhone pictures for one.  Second, we have been selling everything we own on Craiglist, it’s been awesome.

But turns out, there was a bee hive in our composter that we had just listed and already had emails on.

“Smoke them out!” I said, cause that’s what they do in the movies, right?  “Worth a shot!” so we tried it, and it worked…after a few attempts.  Loud buzzing, stinky smoke, but they were gone.


I have been trying to be really good about using the food we are growing in our dinners on the road to becoming more self sustaining.   So on our fish we had lemon and thyme from the garden.  Finley ate a whole fish, because I told him he could have an mnm.

Speaking of garden, check out these tomatillos!  They are so cool, like beautiful Chinese lanterns.  I think I’ll be making salsa soon 🙂

While we were in South Korea, we bought Finley this little back pack so he can carry his own diapers and wipes to BSF, and around town.  This is him RUNNING to the car to go to BSF.  Finley likes to talk and chat, but can’t always remember what he did in the day to tell me, unless I am picking him up from BSF.

The past two weeks, when I pick him up from his classroom, he runs to me, “MAMA!!!  BUBBLES!!  FUN!  BEYA!  FRIENDS!  TRUCK! PLAYING!  FUN!”

“Cracker, eat it!”

“What?” I said.  “Oh really, tell me more!”  Shoot, I swear BSF is making him smarter.  Free preschool.

No good picture of the cute Korean back pack, he’s runnin!

I picked up a bug from the baby house, and it knocked me out the first few days we were home.  So hunny made dinner–Breakfast for dinner! What a guy.

We made some awesome new friends, they met doing YWAM in Costa Rica, and they made us arroz con pollo out in the open flame as we discussed God and life.

We found a hidden mango tree with fruit everywhere.  Free fruit works in our budget perfectly!

Our awesome friend John came to help us with the electrical problems we have in Maria’s room.  I think he thought it would be a quick fix, but hours later, “We found the problem!”  They are are going to finish it tomorrow.  We feel blessed by this, then she can have a light and fan on the ceiling!

My brother came and spent the night, and helped install some curtain rods and shelves in Maria’s closet, with supplies we got from selling a dresser!  We got an awesome closet organizer for free for helping someone with a garage sale!!  HURRAY!

I’ve been trying to be wifey #1 this week since Andrew took such good care of me and the boy while I was sick.  Yay lunches. Love you cutie!

And that was our week in iPhotos, who wants to buy a composter?

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  • Squiggly Rainbow October 23, 2012, 6:30 am

    Is there anything you need before your two new babes come home? I would love to make them something… and for Finley too! Please let me know xx

  • Carla October 23, 2012, 6:07 pm

    Your budget sounds a bit like our lately…I literally just took a black sharpie to my daughters black snow boots from last year (the ones she barely wore before her feet grew three sizes)to cover up the pink stitching so little brother could wear them this winter! I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate me advertising that his snow boots are actually girl boots…the horror…even though the pink stitching was the only thing that distinguished them as girlie. haha! You do what you have to with 4 (soon to be 5) kids in snow gear! p.s seeing your mangoes and tomatillos is awesome…we woke up to a few feet of snow this morning! ugg.

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