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We grabbed tiny hands, and crossed the road together, the sun just becoming a nice morning bright as we crossed the street together, the kids excited with little chatter and yelps, us too.

“A coffee, and an old fashioned,” I said, as the girl handed Finley a tiny doughnut hole.  All the mommies sipped our coffee as the little ones played together on the patio.  We walked back across the street to the church together, maybe 8 of us, as the parking lot teamed with cars, late comers parking in wedged spots on the street.  It was already a perfect morning.

It makes us feel like we live in a small town one day a week.

We dropped off all the kids in their classrooms and came together, filling the big room with women of all ages.  How had I missed this before?

“I’m kind of nervous,” C told me when I picked her up on our first day.  “I’m not,” I told her, “I think because you are going with me.”  Kelly and Kahea had done BSF the year before and loved it, so we were trying it, the first two Wednesdays were a welcome type, to see if you liked it.  The welcome meeting was full of people I knew, actually many of my favorite people all together under one roof!  My friend C was nervous, hiding her tattoos.  She sat next to two little old ladies who introduced themselves to her and started chatting.  They hugged her and welcomed her before they went to their group, (totally ignoring me, haha!) while we stayed with the welcome group.  Young and old, many moms of toddlers (who live close to me), almost all of my new crossFit group, and most of my closest friends from cities all over, but all here!  As we got into the first meeting, “I love it,” C wispered to me.  “Me too,” I said back.

“There is homework,” they told us.  “It is a commitment, but you will gain much from it,” they told us during question and answer.  “You put away all things that beep and buzz, you sit, and read,” I told C that I think I needed the accountibility, she agreed.  Before the welcome meeting was over, C offered to head up a Spanish speaking group, and offered for me to help too.  “So much for being nervous to come,” I laughed at her.  “I think it would be amazing, my mom would love, you know?” she told me.  (There is a mandarin group, filled with the sweetest, most sharp dressing women I’ve seen!)

As much as I love and gain from BSF, or at least the last 4 weeks, something I appreciate the most is the childcare.  The childcare is not just play, but there is a real lesson–matching what we’re learning, and circle-time, and songs, a snack and enriching activities.  We always can’t believe how much these tiny toddlers can learn in just a couple hours.

As I snuck back to the main hall from my discussion group, I peeked in and saw a precious moment of my tiny boy doing circle time songs with the group.  It made my heart swell, and it was another moment I felt very blessed by choosing to be in bsf.

It kind of feels like we’ve enrolled him in free preschool, but with all his best friends in the same class with him.  I really, really, truly feel blessed by this whole thing.  “Hawea, what did you learn?” we asked her.  “Genesis,” she said.  “Well, ok then!”  😉

The next week, my friend L came to try out the next welcome day, but admitted she almost didn’t come at all.  But after her first hour, she was ready to pull her son out of his current preschool and bring him here, she loved it too! Haha. 

The lessons are rich, and I often have Andrew do them with me, and we both gain a lot.  The lectures are powerful, and I feel the effects in my life –it’s one thing to hear about having a sacrificial marriage and agreeing with it in your head as something you believe, but another to be also given the tools to do so, to practice it, you know?

 I get to go one more time before we leave for R, and Wednesday mornings have truly become such a sweet time in my life.

Let’s hear it for bsf!  (No, bsf does not stand for a disease, as they told us the first day 😉

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  • Kendra May 1, 2013, 11:34 am

    What does bsf stand for?

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