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Tomato Garlic Soup

This is the recipe for tomato garlic soup.  Perfectly blended and hand crafted to perfection.

Step 1: Get all your ingredients together.  In a bowl.

Then you’re pretty much done.  Time to get some taste testers!

2.  So get in your car.

3.  Maybe people aren’t that good at eating yet, I mean, it’s tricky.  So just help them eat, no need to ask if they’re hungry.

Papa likes it.

 4. But what about grandpa?  First try to convince him he wants some.  Smile.

Tell him, “Is so goooood.”

 Show him how to open wide, and look for the perfect moment.

5. Perfect Aim!  He loves it!

6. AND enjoy.

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  • Angela Bailey September 11, 2012, 7:48 pm

    What a funny post! What a cute kid! 😀


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