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An older couple lived next door to us for the two years we lived in Minnesota on a lake, the first two years of my life.

When we moved to California, Marlys and Bob kept in touch, just like family, just like always.  Every birthday, every Christmas we would get cards from family, and from Marlys, always remembering us.

When they came and visited us in California, we’d all sit together, Bob would sit with me on the chair swing on the porch while I leaned on his arm, “This is my favorite seat in the whole world,” he told me, “right here by you.”

When we were kids, Bob passed away, and Marlys moved away from her home on the lake to a small apartment by herself.  She has lived there for 15 years, widowed.  And as we grew, and got busy, had families, traveled, still, every year a card, “With love, Marlys.”  Always remembering us.


Two weeks ago, Chelsea found a new way to raise money for two sisters, their window for adoption soon closing.  “Nutella cookies, $10 per batch if you donate to Chystyna and her sister.

We were going to donate anyway, but what better way because you can send cookies to someone too.  I dug out my old address book that I rarely look at anymore, and flipped though, and saw Marlys’ name.

I told Chelsea to send a batch to Marlys, to her apartment.  “We love you so much, I hope this brightens your day.”

Yesterday, after checking the mail, I saw a tiny while envelope, with shaky writing on the front, “Amy and Andrew,” with a sticker sealing the opening.

So then, of course, I cried too.


If you are interested in  having Chelsea make some cookies for someone you love too, contact her through her blog here.  She bakes them, packages them and sends them.  It also helps two sisters in their search to belong.

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  • littlelola September 28, 2012, 9:52 pm

    I want to go see her! That is so sad that she is alone but amazing and wonderful that your little gesture made her day! 🙂

  • Lou September 28, 2012, 11:20 pm

    How totally wonderful 🙂

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