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We love Auntie Chelsea!

Today in the mail came a brown package, early in the morning.  As we cut through the thick tape, Finley peered eagerly over the box’s edge.

Inside was a wonderful gift of love from Maria’s auntie Chelsea.  Chelsea is Maria’s guardian angel.  Long before we could commit to bringing her home, Chelsea, a college student worked and prayed tirelessly from the brown eyes girl without parents, defying anyone who would say you had to be rich or ready to adopt to help orphans.

And now, both of our two children waiting to come home will have some very special things waiting for them.

There are two pink shirts, just Maria’s size.  One says; Sent from Heaven by way of R*ss*a.  The other says, Worth the Wait.

A beautiful book, “Guess How Much I Love You,” about a mama and little one.

I know, right?  Sweetest things ever.

Tucked in the box of love, Elijah has a onesie just his size that reads: ‘Love, Chosen, Drem-Come-True, Priceless, Yes I’m Adopted!’  I can barely type those words without tearing up.  Our sweet boy is all those things.

The box was also filled with sweet clothes she picked our from the goodwill, and from her sister, “I hope you don’t mind they’re from the goodwill,” she wrote.  All our clothes are hand-me-downs, so goodwill is high class to us!  🙂

AND, let me remind you, Chelsea is a college student, and she sent us a Trader Joe’s gift card to help our growing family.

Sweetest heart in the whole world.

Go see Chelsea’s blog: youwillgooutwithjoy  She doesn’t care if other college students invest their money and time in other things (Like, themselves!), her focus is on what’s important.  Read her blog, be inspired, join her cause.

Thank you auntie Chelsea for pouring out your love onto orphans, you touch more lives than you even know!  Don’t give up!  Remember, we almost had to give up many times before committing to our Maria, but crazy, miraculous things kept falling into place.  “Someone must be praying for this girl,” we kept saying.  And now we know who!

We love you so, so much Chelsea!

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  • Amber August 25, 2012, 1:50 am

    She is such a sweet person. What a blessing!

  • Squiggly Rainbow August 30, 2012, 11:30 am

    Precious xxx

  • The Bodkins September 1, 2012, 6:22 am

    Speaking from experience and because I know Chelsea (we went to college together) she is truly an inspiration!! Always so humble and willing to help. She is also a very talented performer!! So blessed!

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