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Thank YOU!

Oh gosh!

Thank you to whoever just donated to our account.

What, are you trying to bless our socks off?  Well, it’s working!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You put a smile on our faces, and cheers in our mouths!   And some kids in our arms (soon!)


Oh my goodness, we have been in a paperwork whirlwind, it’s been exciting.

PLEASE pray for the next couple days (like till Friday), things need to go PERFECTLY for timing to line up just right.

We love our doctor, we sent him an email about our needs, and the same day he lined everything up for us to get done, signed and approved.  Literally.  Same day, and this is a very busy man.  Dr. Payne, you are amazing, and your name does NOT fit you.

Today, we rushed every last paper work to AAA to have every last thing notarized, happy and eager to be done with this part as we arrived. (Free with a AAA membership)

I had people praying for us today, but maybe the woman didn’t get the memo.

“HI!” we brushed in.  “We are adopting and need ALL of these notarized today, oh and quickly, so we can overnight it today, too!”

Let’s just say grumpy was an understatement, it did not start well.  I felt a little stressed by her attitude, and told her we could take them to the other office where they had no problem doing the same thing twice before.

I sat down, and just prayed, thinking we’d have to bust out of there and go to the other office, wasting so much dang time, when things had to be perfect.

Andrew was still talking to her, so nice to her frowning, silent face, saying she wasn’t sure she could do it.

PLEEEEEEEASE GOD!!!” was all I could pray.

Why her??!

And in less than an hour, she was our fastest notary yet.  She was so over it, that she set up this amazing assembly line system that had us in and out in record time.

I guess we felt more endeared to her afterwards, “Wow, thank you so much, we DID it!  You were so fast, the fastest yet!  Thank you!” we beamed at her.

“Well, I hope that doesn’t mean you will be bringing me back more paperwork like this,” she responded, seriously.

“Nope!  Definitely not,” we said with a smile, and left, thanking her again.

Thanks Freemans for watching Finn man!

Alright, our paperwork needs to go to the capitol before it gets to the East Coast….by FRIDAY!  Then, on FRIDAY, it’s off to our babes.

Prayers please!


Thank you to our new best friend who donated to us today!

Thank you to the seriosuly amazing Dr. Payne, you are everything a doctor should be.

And thank you to God who gave us that grumpy faced lady today for a reason.  She did call me dear, I know deep down she must be nice 🙂

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