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Summer Fun

Oh Thursday, some mommy friends and I wrapped up our summer book club, while the babes played in the yard.  I love having people in my life willing to meet with one another to encourage each other, read and grow, it’s pretty amazing. 

Our babies loved their time together each Thursday, too.

This week we didn’t have sitters, but chatted out back while the babies had some summer fun together.   Guess what they wanted to do on this hot day?

Yep, you guessed it, water fun.  So I got out 1 large tupperware, one blow up bathtub and got out our water table, and the kids got themselves ready.

They were so funny together, these pictures make me lol.


Got me!

DOUBLE ATTACK!!!!  Their faces kill me.

Sweetest little face!

How cute is this boy?

“You want me to do WHAT!?” -Hawea

Boys having fun!

Oh my gosh, some amazing things happened in everyone’s life this summer, just by meeting together over our book, I mean like, incredible, life changing things.

Wish I could share every detail, but you’ll just have to join us next summer!

We read this book, which was great.  I would have never read it on my own, though, (I think I said that every week too 😉 too lazy?  Haha, maybe!  I needed it to be homework.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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