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Yeah Project Hopeful!


Andrew and I were voting for them everyday and when they released this video at their press conference this week, it brought tears to our eyes and we cheered!  Here’s the video announcement, we were very inspired by the runners up as well.  Such amazing people helping people in creative ways around our nation and around our world.

AMAZING!  Get ready to be inspired!

The GIVE Q2 Winners from Cultivate Life on Vimeo.

Ok, how many birthday parties and showers do you have this summer?  800 like me?

Ok, I’m going to help you out:  Go here


Order 5 of these amazing flower clips.

Then, when you’re scrambling out the door and you realize you have no gift ready, grab one or two of these from your stock pile, and you’re on your way!

Plus, it helps an amazing family who just committed to bringing home a beautiful little girl from EE named Elizabeth with Down syndrome, and when you first commit, any support feels like the best thing ever.  So, you’ll be helping them while you help yourself, bonus!

You’re going to thank me!  So are all the little girls you’re going to bless with their new flower clips!


A fraction of good news to share next week (hey, we’ll take it!), and maybe a good idea?  Or maybe a crazy idea, you be the judge.

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